5 Reasons Why 6D Helmets Are Best

6D Helmets are one of the most popular helmet brands in the world. Every biker knows about 6D and many famous professional bikers even use them for their safety. 6D offers a next-generation safety technology along with great comfort to the head and neck of the rider. Unlike traditional helmets that mostly test their helmets against linear impact, 6D tests every model of their helmet against angular acceleration which is more practical to enact the actual accident condition. In simple words, traditional helmets are mostly tested by being dropped vertically from a height whereas, the 6D helmets are tested as per real accident conditions, i.e., by damaging it from every angle.


Here are 5 reasons you should get a 6D Helmet right now:


  1. Most Protective Design: As mentioned earlier, 6D helmets are tested heavily to save the rider from an actual accidental injury. They are designed by experts after a research of several months or years. 6D uses the best techniques and material to make their helmets, ensuring the maximum safety of the rider.
  2. Excellent Fit: 6D Helmets are loved for being of the perfect size. Although it really depends on the individual, there are high chances that you will be very comfortable wearing a 6D Helmet as they have an excellent fitting.
  3. Compatible with Neck Braces: If you have a minor injury in your neck and have neck braces around it, you can still ride your bike with the help of a 6D Helmet. Most of the 6D Helmets are compatible with a Neck Brace.
  4. Washable: 6D Helmets are easily washable. You can remove the comfort liner, cheek pads, and chin strap to clean them. However, you need to make sure you use mild detergent instead of harsh chemicals, not use a pressure washer and air dry it after you are done washing it. Moreover, you should cover the surface with an automotive wax to protect the paint on the surface of your 6D Helmet.
  5. Certified with ECE: ECE, or Economic Community of Europe, is regulatory which creates a uniform system for vehicles. All the 6D helmets are certified with ECE 22.05 safety standard which is required by over 50 countries and is the most recognized standard for helmets all around the world.


6D Helmets have always been the first choice of most of the riders. They are used by all kinds of riders, be it long-distance riders, or motocross riders. 6D has invented a technology which most of the other helmet compa still can’t develop for the safety of the riders. If you check out the testimonials of the bikers who used a 6D helmet, you will know how safe their helmets are.

Safety should be your first concern while riding a bike. Invest in the best helmet which you can trust.Screen-Shot-2019-09-24-at-20.04.00-600x600

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