5 Reasons Why Go for Metal Roofs for Re-Roofing

Metal roofing is everywhere in New Zealand and many European countries. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, metal roofing seems very common these days. Earlier, it was a popular choice for commercial roofing because of its durability and limited options for style and colour. These days, the product has been come across incredible evolvements to find a custom touch to your roof. If you are seriously planning for re-roofing, below are some striking reason to choose metal roofs.

Durability & Longevity

Metal is one of the most durable substances than any other material. It is resistant to fire and can withstand adverse weather conditions. A correctly installed metal roof can stand up against strong winds, rain, snow, hails, and rodents.

Not to mention, it is the most durable roofing material than asphalt, slate, and wood. Depending upon the type of metal materials, it can last 60 plus years without any signs of corrosion and degradation.


For re roofing in Auckland, metal roofs have come up as the most popular option because it doesn’t need much maintenance. Unlike asphalt, it doesn’t need repairing and maintenance from time to time. Metal can withstand storms and hails. General upkeep would include cleaning of debris from the roof and the gutters at least twice a year or after strong storms. Rain usually wash off the dirt. It doesn’t need special deep cleaning.


There is more than one reason that makes metal roofing environment-friendly. Most metal roofing materials are highly recyclable. Tear off metal roofs and panels can go for recycling. It doesn’t need dumping solution like asphalt and slate. You can earn through recycling. Though the earning from the scrap is not sufficient to buy roofs, it can save money to some extent.


Metal roofs have different varieties for colours, shapes, sizes, and materials. Consumers can go for coated steel, aluminum, zinc or copper metal shingles. If you are looking for a special style, metal roofs have options such as standing seam, exposed fastener and stamped profiles (shake, shingles, and tiles). Unlimited colour options are available to match well to the exterior appearance of your property. When it comes to roofing panels, you have options to choose shape-lock, mechanical seam, tea seam, snap-lock seam or lap seam. The thickness of the roof can vary from 22 to 26 gauge. For steel, 24 gauge is a widely suggested thickness standard.

An Affordable Choice

Metal roofs are expensive. The installation process is also expensive because it requires layering and insulation to make the roof soundproof. However, longevity and durability are two key features that make metal roofing an affordable choice for residential and commercial properties. Since it can last over 60 years and needs less maintenance, it saves money and gives you peace of mind.

Consult a reputed roofing agency for service quotes and guidance. The agency can tell you the type of metal roof is well suitable for your property after considering various factors like area and climate.

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