5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Wearing Someone Else Helmet

Are you making the same mistake that half of India makes every day? If you take a look around your neighborhood you would easily find people wearing helmets that don’t belong to them. We all want to save as much money as possible and therefore one helmet is enough for 5 people in the family! Right? No, that would be wrong, and here are 5 reasons why.  

  1. It does not fit you well: When one helmet has to fit on five different heads it is obvious that it will not find anyone properly. the moment you wear someone else’s helmet you are making a huge compromise on your safety because a loose-fitting large helmet will very easily fly off from your head in the event of an accident. but if it is tight then the thing is even worse!  A common sight on Indian roads is people who put on the helmet at the very top of their head without latching on the straps simply because of the fact that the helmet is too small for their head size. An average branded helmet does not cost more than Rs.800 and even if there are 5 members in the family who used at two-wheeler the overall cost would not come more than and Rs.4000 which isn’t a lot if you think that the lives of the five family members will be saved if they ever get into an accident. 
  2. It is very unhygienic: Sharing is caring but there is a limit to how much and what you can share with other people. The helmet is a very personal object that stays very close to the mouth of a person and every cough and sneezing gets captured in the soft lining fabric material that is placed inside every helmet. The problem with that is certain diseases can stay active on the surface After helmet for many weeks if not months. So, when you wear someone else’s helmet you immediately put yourself at the risk of being contaminated with the disease germs. Also, if the family member has a habit of chewing tobacco or Pan Masala then you cannot avoid smelling the stink on the helmet, which is bad because it will keep distracting you from focusing on the road ahead.  
  3. It does not have the latest safety feature: The thing with sharing helmets is that it eventually becomes one of the least important things in life for you as well as for other members in your family. As a result, you end up taking it for granted and never changing it even for years at end. What that means is that you are completely missing out on the latest safety and comfort features that are available in the best helmets in India made by most reputed brands in the market. without the latest safety features you are not completely saying protected on the road. modern-day helmets with all the bells and whistles do not cost more than rupees 1000 on an average. Therefore, just by making a tiny little investment you are not only going to get your own helmet which will make you stand the part in the crowd but also protect you from the dangers on the road.  You would be amazed to see the progress that has been made in terms of helmet safety and comfort in the last few years. So, at least make the effort of stepping into your nearest helmet shop and exploring the options that are available for you today. 
  4. You don’t feel comfortable in it: When you use a helmet that is not yours personally, you are not going to feel the same amount of comfort if you happen to wear your own helmet that is a perfect fit for you. unless you are completely comfortable with wearing the helmet, you are not going to wear it every day and the more of a new skip wearing it the more you put yourself at the risk of an injury. So, do yourself a favour and purchase a branded helmet that you find comfortable and suitable for your personal lifestyle and riding requirements as well.
  5. You are stuck if the helmet is already in use: Imagine this, you need to go to your office immediately on urgent work but the helmet is being used by your son or someone else in your family! You have two options: you can either wait and get delayed in the process or run out without the helmet and expose yourself to penalties by traffic police as well as the risk of an injury if you get into an accident. Which option are you going to pick? The best option is when you don’t have to choose on matters regarding your personal safety. Therefore, always have a personal helmet for every two-wheeler rider in the family, or at least a couple of extra backups so that nobody has to make a compromise on their safety.  

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