5 Reasons Your Senior Loved One Needs Help


Across various cultures and countries, it is common for adult children to take care of their elderly parents. There are many signs that your senior loved ones may need assistance and leaving them in the care of nursing homes can really be a gamble. Take matters into your own hands and ensure they are getting the quality care they deserve. According to home care Mississauga experts, below mentioned are five of the major reasons your senior loved one needs help.

Cluttered House
Dirty dishes tend to pile up, and so do mail and other forms of clutter. The elderly often find cleaning to be troublesome as it is somewhat labor intensive. This can lead to potential hygiene problems as well, feeding into their declining health. Even if cleaning seems mundane, you can help your senior loved one with these overwhelming tasks.

Declining & Neglectful Health Habits
Senior citizens often experience a number of health issues in addition to short-term memory loss. This can lead them to forget taking important medications and accidentally skipping out on doctor’s appointments. Often times, seniors don’t eat enough to get the appropriate daily nutrients. All these things can lead to chronically declining health. You can help them by giving them rides to doctor’s appointments, prepare their medications at scheduled hours, and by cooking simple but nutritionally balanced meals. You can also consider consulting a reputable home care Mississauga provider to help your loved one with tasks they feel challenging.

Inability to Accomplish Small Tasks
Even the smallest of chores and tasks become impossible to complete for your senior loved ones. This can lead to more clutter, but also problems like moisture mold, rotten and spoiled fruits and vegetables, and lack of personal hygiene. With quickly advancing technology, paying bills may seem confusing for them. Even working a smartphone is troublesome for seniors. You can assist them by creating an organization plan or teaching them to use vital pieces of technology.

Lack Of Emotional Support
Depression runs rampant among senior citizens, making them feel abandoned and forgotten about. Even if you are unable to assist with chores or other tasks, just talking and visiting your elderly loved ones is enough to lift their spirits. Avoid limiting the conversation to just over the phone, take the time to see them in person and ask about ways you can assist them around the house.

Progressive Safety Issues
Loss of memory can wreak havoc on a senior citizen’s home. They can forget to leave the stove on for hours, allow mold to grow on shower ceilings, or leave garden hoses running. Since senior citizens have trouble eating, their food often spoils quickly and they may not notice mold spots growing on ingredients when they are cooking. They can also be victims of robbery if they forget to lock windows and doors. Help out your loved one by taking a walk around their home. Check the bathroom, kitchen, and locks for potential hazards and dangers.


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