5 Rules to Follow For Safe Handling Of A Firearm

If you’re new to guns, it can be hard to know how to handle one safely. However, there are many rules of safe gun handling that can help make your shooting experience more enjoyable and safe. In this article, we’ll go over five rules of safe gun handling so that you can become an expert at keeping your weapon in good working order without risking injury or getting arrested.


1.      Keep Your Finger off The Trigger At All Times – Except When Ready to Shoot

Keeping your hands or fingers away from the trigger unless it is time to shoot is an important rule. If you do not have a clear shot at your target, don’t touch the trigger—even if someone else is pulling it for you.


2.      Don’t Keep The Gun Loaded Until Ready To Use

A loaded gun is a – well, a loaded gun, which can go off any minute. You should always check if the barrel is clean before shooting and ensure you are in a safe area free from any potential danger, such as glass or other materials that could cause injury.


3.      Always Keep The Gun Pointed In A Safe Direction

If you don’t intend to harm or shoot, don’t point your gun anywhere or at anything unless it is unloaded and locked securely in place. Note that sometimes people can mistake thinking the gun is unloaded, so take care accordingly.


4.      Know What Is Beyond/Surrounding The Target In Addition To Knowing The Target

When you are shooting, you need to know what is behind your target and what is around it. You also need to know where there are people in the area who could get hurt by stray bullets.


5.      Use Only The Correct Ammunition For Your Gun

One of the most important rules of safe gun handling is to know what kind of ammunition you are using. You need to know the correct type or if it has been mislabeled so that your hands can tell whether or not the cartridge is safe.


Ready to learn additional rules about the safe handling of firearms?

The rules of safe gun handling are a great way to stay safe, and they’re easy to remember for anyone who wants to be careful about their next shooting experience.

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