5 Signs that Indicate You Need New Tires


Every time you drive, the tires on your car take a beating. Tires get old and worn down, and it’s crucial to get them replaced before they fail. A tire failure while you are driving can cause your car to get out of control or leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. So, it’s essential to check your tires for any wear and tear and replace them whenever required. But, with a hectic schedule, who really has the time to perform a thorough check on the tires to see if they need to be replaced? If you have a mechanic check your vehicle periodically, then he would tell you when it’s time to replace your tires in Tacoma, WA. Well, here we’ve listed five signs that that help you determine if you need new tires.


Your tires are endlessly exposed to various elements such as heat, cold, snow, ice, and water. They could wreak havoc on your tires. Yes, frequent exposure to these elements will break down your tires over time, and you should be aware of the potential signs of weathering. Cracks in the sidewall of your tires or in between the tread blocks are the common indicators that your tires are weathering. When you notice these cracks, it’s time to replace your tires with new or cheap used tires to prevent further damage.

The Tire Warning Light

The latest model vehicles have a tire warning light that goes off when there is low tire pressure. The alarm is designed to give warning signs when at least one of the tires in your vehicle has a low pressure that’s lesser than the level recommended by the manufacturer. When this indicator glows, it’s time to refill air or replace your tires with new or used tires from the best used tire shop.


If there is a problem with tire balancing, vibrations occur. There are also other causes, such as the belts of the tire shift, out-of-round issues, and more. When there are vibrations, you may feel lumpy at low speeds and high-frequency vibration at highways speeds. You must replace tires with these issues.


Bulging occurs when there is a substantial impact with a pothole. But this issue can also be caused by the manufacturer’s defect. Your tires in Tacoma, WA, get bulged when air gets in between the inner liner and the outer material of your tire. When not addressed, the bulge could rupture, causing severe damages and injuries.

Low Tire Tread

Tire treads – the bumps and grooves over the outside of your tire are the important feature that ensures your vehicle has traction, which prevents your vehicle from slipping and sliding. When you notice low tire tread all around or on the center or outside of the tire, it could indicate problems such as overinflation, underinflation, misaligned tires, or damaged tires.

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