5 Signs That Tells Your Device is Infected With Stalkerware

Well, you may hear of malware and viruses, but do you know what Stalkerware is? It is one of the most dangerous “wares,” and it is used by someone to keep an eye on you. It can track your location and send the information to its developer.

One of the popular apps that contain stalkerware is capable of tracking location, fetching call logs and even text messages of a device. A big thanks to Google for blocking such things from most parts of the internet. However, these viruses still exist on the web by outsmarting Google. So you should check your device for the stalkerware. This article will help you to know if your phone is infected by such spyware.

What is Stalkerware?  

Stalkerware is a kind of software which is developed to spy on targeted devices. By using it, someone can track what you are doing on the internet. People who are jealous of you, your competitor, or even your parents can use it to keep an eye on you. The FlexiSpy is a stalkerware software developed to do just that.

6 Hints That Your Device Contains a Stalkerware

1. A Significant Boost to Your Data Usage

Inspect your internet usage of past weeks, and if you see a significant enhancement in your data usage, then it could be a stalkerware which is using plenty of data in the background.  To check data usage on your smartphone, see the steps given below:

  1. Head to Settings
  2. Then navigate to the “Data usage.”
  3. After that, go to Cellular data usage to see your mobile internet usage.

If there is a significant change in the amount of data usage without your activity, then it can be a virus which is consuming more data.

2. Undefined Charges

If you are getting high bills without using that much of calls or text messages, then it can be a stalkerware. It sends texts to premium-rate contact numbers via your mobile text services. This all can result in undefined mobile charges in your monthly bills. If you are using a prepaid plan that you might experience high balance usage.

3. Unexpected Pop Ups  

If you are facing sudden popup ads and system warnings, then it can be a sign that your device is just infected with a stalkerware. Check your web browser and see if there are any bookmarks that you didn’t save. Also, check website shortcuts on the browser’s home screen that you, and if there are any shortcuts of the websites that you didn’t visit, then it might be the virus. Have you seen any sudden popup ads that may nurture you to click on it? If yes, then your device can be suffering from the Stalkerware.

4. Overheating

Is your device heating too much even when you are not using it? If yes then it can be a virus or spyware which is working in the background and using lots of RAM and processor of your device.

5. Unknown Installed App

Look out for an app which is not installed by your choice and if there any app that looks not installed by you, then it means it is a virus. Go ahead and uninstall the app. Sometimes many threats such as Trojans, malware, and spyware can enter to your device through these untrusted apps. If you are unable to uninstall the app, then you should factory reset or hard reset your device to remove such threats.

Source:- https://manage-notron.com/5-signs-that-tells-your-device-is-infected-with-stalkerware/

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