5 Signs You Might Still be a Rookie Harley Rider

If you have been searching around for a Harley Davidson Street Glide for sale then you should definitely stop by and see the 2020 model we have available here at Hot Metal Harley-Davidson in Pittsburgh. Below, we will break down some of the most noteworthy features of this motorcycle.

1. High Levels of Customization

Those who want to have some of the most opportunities for customization possible tend to really love the Street Glide. This model can be customized in just about any aspect form the color to aftermarket engine parts and other accessories.

2. Sleek & Unique Design

This is not your average Harley Davidson motorcycle. There is plenty of storage space fitted on both sides of the rear wheels, and a unique shape for the dash. The handlebars are also conveniently placed below your shoulders to help assist comfort throughout long rides.

3. Packs a Punch

This model has a maximum torque of 111 feet/lbs. at 3250 RPM. It also has a 6-speed cruise drive transmission. Put together, features like these help give this model an overall very powerful engine. Especially when compared to some of the lower-priced Harley models.

4. Excellent Value for the Money

Although this is clearly not one of the most affordable Harley models, it comes with a fair set of features that help give it an excellent value. The unique design, lots of power, and excellent performance are all reasons why this is such a popular model for our clients here at Hot Metal Harley Davidson.

5. Reflex Defensive Rider Systems

Those shopping for a Harley Fatboy for sale may not be able to find many of the top-quality features that we find in the 2020 Street Glide. One of these features might be the REFLEX™ Defensive Rider system. This system boasts advanced chassis control, electronic brake control, and powertrain technology that helps you with braking efficiently and safely.

Ready to Get Your Next Hot Metal Harley Motorcycle?

Whether you have been eying a particular Harley Davidson Sportster for sale or are sold on the Street Glide, Hot Metal Harley-Davidson has all the models you want here in our inventory. Located in Pittsburgh, we are within close proximity to the airport. Come stop by and see what we have in stock today!

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