5 Simple Ways to Boost Seniors’ Brain Power

With age, memory starts to slowly wither, leading to dementia and depression. Many seniors experience short-term memory loss and slow reaction times, but there are some simple solutions to avoid these issues. New challenges and healthy lifestyles promote learning for seniors, which is one of the best ways to boost brain power according to Hot Springs Home Care experts. Using the following easy tips can help you assist your elderly loved one with memory issues and boost his or her brain power.

Follow a Healthy Diet

One of the easiest tricks to boost mental balance and power is by adopting a nutritious and balanced diet, especially the one rich in antioxidants and light caffeine. Diets rich in refined sugars and low in fiber have been known to cause mild lapses in memory or even brain fog. Help your seniors set up a dietary plan revolving around vegetables and fruit, particularly ones rich in antioxidants such as blueberries, strawberries, and oranges. Even adding a few servings of fruit alongside breakfast and lunch can really make a difference.

Play Board Games

If you are looking to have some family fun while simultaneously assisting a senior’s brain power, then try card, puzzle, and board games. Most tabletop games require lots of critical thinking and mental evaluation, which can enhance short-term memory and focus. It is also important to note that fast-paced or timed games can decrease memory recall, slow down reaction times, and even cause brain fog. Avoid inviting your seniors to play fast games such as quick fighting video games or timed trivia games. Board games eliminate any time elements and allow seniors to take their time thinking out their next move, letting them stretch out their brain.

Walk and Talk

Exercise can really go a long way when it comes to health. Even going out for a simple stroll around the neighborhood with elderly family members can boost their physical and mental health. Ask them to share memories or experiences of their past while you walk around the block to help them recall their memory.

Talk It Out

Dementia can wreak havoc on memories, leading to confusion and depression among older adults. Sit down with your senior loved one and have him or her share stories of childhood with you or younger family members. This will give your children a window into the past and allows your senior loved one to recall a lifelong journey. The brain is a muscle and using the imagination can boost the functioning.

Read a Book

If seniors love to keep a record of things then keeping a daily diary will enhance their memory and brain power. If they ever begin to doubt themselves, they can take a quick look into their diary for confirmation of past events. Take it a step further by encouraging them to read a book. Help them by reading the book at the same time and then discussing the plot and characters together. This will improve their analytical and critical thinking skills.
Seniors may need a helping hand to boost their brain health and continue living at home safely. Luckily, there is professional home care Conway seniors can trust and rely on. Family members can take help from professional caregivers to mitigate the challenges their senior loved ones may face.

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