5 Smoking Accessories to Get the Best of Tobacco

If smoking had not transitioned over a great deal of time, every smoker would perhaps, still take delight in the practice of using maize husks to roll their tobacco. From the exclusive use of tobacco on special occasions to a cleaner, safer, and more exciting experience whenever and however you want it, smoking has changed a lot.Smoking yet translates into more pleasure when you get it done with trendy smoking accessories.

Smoking accessories aren’t a necessity for tobacco consumption, but they offer you the added advantage of a premium experience with your tobacco or other smoking variants. Below are some of the classiest products to add to your smoking kit.


Bongs or glass water pipes may look confusing at first glimpse, especially if you’ve never seen one used. They are, however, quite simple and easy to enjoy. A glass water pipe filters and cools the smoke to make your experience smooth and enjoyable. Using bongs has got to be one of the smoothest, cleanest, and healthiest ways to enjoy tobacco or other smokable products.


You won’t like having all your burnt tobacco and used filters splattered over the whole place if neatness matters to you. With ashtrays, you have the chance to keep it all clean and fresh while you enjoy your smoking habit.

Pipe Filters

Would you like to puff your tobacco without worrying about excess nicotine or tar? Filters are what you need. It’s vital to own a filter for a clean, healthy smoke, whether on your cigarette or pipes. Pipe filters of different materials like activated carbon or brass helps you to reduce the toxicity of your favorite tobacco blend.

Smell Proof Bag

Granted, you can store or carry your herbal tobacco and other herbal varieties in a fancy pouch, but then you’ll have to deal with the smell that comes from the content of the pouch. Smell proof bags are lined with carbon, and they are useful accessories to help you mask the scent of herbs while you store or carry them about during trips.

Cigarette Rolling Machines

You have your hands to help you out with rolling your tobacco, but they might not be enough. Hand-rolling jeopardizes the potentials of your rolling zig zags, you’ll always have your cigs lose and wrinkly if you rely only on your hands. Let an automatic cigarette rolling machine help you. With these machines, you have consistent tobacco molds the way you want, without stress, and without wasting time.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a beginner or pro smoker, the difference is clear enough when you use accessories. More accessories translate into more pleasure and relaxation time.

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