5 Steps To Take When A Tree Has Fallen in Your Property

No matter how strong the roots are, no tree can last forever. Trees will all fall down at some point; they will die and fall as a natural process. That’s why, by the time this event occurs, you should be prepared to handle the situation.

When a tree falls, whether naturally or as a result of a disaster, it is likely to cause extensive structural damage. However, being prepared in such a situation can help prevent unnecessary injuries or accidents.

In such a situation, connect to a reputable tree removal company in Sydney right away to minimise the damage to your property. But, first, get your family out of harm’s way immediately. Then, take the necessary steps listed below to ensure the entire household’s safety.

Step 1: Safety First

Trees often fall on a house or a power line. That is why you must first ensure the safety of your entire household, including your pets if you have any. Therefore, leave the premise right away. Then, assess the situation. 

Depending on the size and weight of the tree, it can pose a significant risk. That’s why the safety of any residents or pets should always come first in situations such as tree felling. If anyone has been injured, seek medical attention immediately. Then, do the following step

Step 2: Assess the situation

After leaving the tree felling site, assess the situation. While you’re assessing the situation, know where the tree falls. Did the tree fell on the power lines, directly to the ground or a building?

If the tree fell to the power line, inform your local utility provider. Tree felling will certainly result in a power outage, which should be handled with caution by your local provider. And keep in mind not to attempt to touch or remove any parts of the tree.

Step 3: Call your local authorities

As previously stated, when a tree falls, it can either fall on a building or a power line. It is likely that it will cause fires or electrical hazards. Therefore, call your local fire department for assistance.

Aside from extinguishing fires, these individuals have the necessary skills and equipment for tree removal. Furthermore, they are highly trained in dealing with the situation and providing quick and appropriate solutions.

If necessary, you may also need to notify your local law enforcement in order to manage traffic. Local law enforcement may be required to block traffic on your street until safety is restored.

Step 4: Call a reliable tree removal service provider

Connect with a reputable tree removal company for a more thorough and quick tree removal solution. A highly trained arborist can help you resolve the emerging situation. Certified arborists are trained and equipped with proper equipment in dealing with this kind of situation.

Arborists are knowledgeable about the standard tree removal practices. In addition, they have the necessary experience to complete the job correctly. 

Step 5: Inform your insurance company

Tree felling will likely cause collateral damage to your property. While you’re between assessing the situation and calling the local authorities, check for property damages. Then, take photographs for documentation.

Make sure to take accurate documentation as it will be required for homeowners insurance claims. Therefore, as soon as the immediate danger has passed, photograph or video the damage from the inside and outside.

Document any structural damage including broken windows, siding damage and other home contents. Make sure not to leave anything out. The photos you take now will be crucial as evidence for your insurance claim later on.

You may also need to take a photograph of the damages to the roof. However, because it may put you in danger, have a professional document it for you.

Be proactive

Regardless of where the tree fell, acting quickly can help you avoid further property damage. And more importantly, it will keep a potentially dangerous situation from becoming truly dangerous.

So, if you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. Follow the five critical steps outlined above to keep you and your family safe. Also, keep an eye on the health of your trees. Make contact with a reputable arborist who can provide you with the necessary and appropriate tree care and maintenance.

Our trees, like any other machine or living creature, require regular maintenance and proper nutrition.

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