5 surefire ways to Get Rid of a Negative Mindset

Anxiety and negative thoughts affect more than 90% of the population almost on a regular basis. Shockingly sad but a bitter truth! We as human beings have mastered over millions of things to detangle our lives on the outside, but we still get entangled in the endless root of negative chain of thoughts that mentally and physically brings us down. So how do we find the coveted love peace and harmony without simply quitting our lives and embracing the hermit lifestyle? How do we bless ourselves with soul healing? Have a look at 5 ways in which you can purge negativity from your life and live it to the T rather than breathing through it-

Work it out, literally! 

It is no secret that exercise is the easiest way of getting rid of that baggage of negative aura that you carry around. Simply put on your shoes and run to get the ‘runner’s high’. Or put on those trainers and pump some iron in the gym to bring down cortisol-hormone responsible for stress. You heal your body and your body will ensure that you get free soul healing as a gesture of it saying thank you. Whatever you do, just leave the sedentary lifestyle and move it to get going, quite literally.

Meditation is the key

Being practiced for centuries to restore the mind balance, mediation is possible the most potent tool bestowed upon modern day men and women to manage stress and negativity by ancient beings. Right from releasing endorphins, which are the origin of your happiness to DHEA, which helps you combat stress and GABA which helps you find your mood equilibrium, free meditations in parks every morning is the greatest self-service for your body, mind, and soul.

Eat and sleep well to feel well

Have been emphasized a hundred times right from the day we came into this world, eating properly and sleeping for a minimum of 7-8 hours is the building block for a positive lifestyle. Ditch the junk food and stick with wholesome homemade food. Depend on fruits for your sugar rush, if you need one that is. Retire to bed early and wake up early while catching proper sleep yet able to tend all your chores throughout the day. Treat your body with respect and it will treat you with utmost reverence. 

Seek help!

It is not a matter of pride or shame to ask for help when negative thoughts pull you down to kick you in the guts! Talk to a family member, ring up your friend, seek professional help if you have to, but talk and resolve. Don’t try to bottle up your thoughts and through them in the sea of sadness. A way of taking away the “power” of negative thoughts that are affecting you is to talk about them to resolve them. This is how you will be able to experience soul power wellness!
Bring change in your thinking!

Last but far from least, you are the master of your life! It is you who have to effect the changes in your thinking to let other factors help you control your negativity and infuse positivity in your life. It is you who controls the life and not the other way around. Try to do small things which make you happy and make complete like watering plants, helping a homeless guy, bringing a smile to someone’s face or simply throw a party for your childhood friend. These small steps towards happiness ultimately build the leader layer by layer for a fuller and positive life filled with love, peace and harmony.

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