5-things never to do to your realistic sex doll

Having the best sex doll means having a constant sexual partner and a companion in days of loneliness. Sex dolls improve sexual health, help practice the art of lovemaking, and enhance libido. The market is filled with realistic sex dolls of all color and kind that fits a variety of budget. Being the owner of a sex doll, you can try multiple positions without handling the relationship baggage.

This all sounds fun, isn’t it? Fun until sex doll maintenance and responsibilities come in. 

It is all good days and good orgasms with a sex doll. And the best part is, a realistic sex doll demands nothing from you, but good care. Good doll maintenance is what increases the shelf life of your sex doll. And there are some do’s and don’ts if you do not wish to ruin your expensive doll…

Here are 5 things never to do to your realistic sex doll:


  • Never leave her unclean after sex


We get it, you just had sex with that beautiful sex doll and you are so not in the mood. Not immediately, but we suggest you do it at the end of the day.

Your body fluid residues are home to bacteria, and this can cause dangerous infections. Also, you are kind of damaging the doll as well.

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  • Do not rush the drying process


This is quite known, one must always dry their sex doll after washing. Not a single speck of moisture must be left at any crevice.

But never rush the drying process. Using a hot dryer or taking her out in the sunlight is not recommended. Let the doll dry naturally, or in an air-conditioned room. Once dry, apply baby powder all over the body to help protect the material.



  • Never apply perfume directly to the skin


Good fragrances are everybody’s favorite; it works as an aphrodisiac and sets the right mood. But spraying them directly on the doll’s skin can damage the material. Perfumes have alcohol in them, which is not a good friend to TPE. Applying perfume will leave discolored patches on the skin.

A better option is spraying them on the doll apparel. You can air-dry the clothes and then put them on.



  • Never put unnecessary pressure on the doll


These dolls are built pretty strong. While the outer body is made of either platinum-grade silicone or premium-grade TPE, the inside has a metal skeleton. This is crafted to hold its weight and stand several sex positions. However, it is recommended you avoid putting too much pressure.  Like putting extra items on the doll, or keeping her standing even if not needed. The gentler you are to the realistic sex doll, the longer she lives.



  • Avoid putting the doll in the same position for long


The best part of living alone with a sex doll is, you never to put her away or store her boxes. Some people enjoy displaying off their love dolls. However, this is advisable you avoid leaving the doll in the same position. Constantly keeping it in the same position can cause creasing and dents. And remember, minor dents can be repaired, severe damages cannot be reversed. 

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