5 Things Not to Forget While Planning a Wedding

While you are planning a wedding, it can become very easy to forget minor details. Here at Penn Oaks Golf Club, we have hosted countless weddings. Due to these experiences, we have prepared a list of 5 things that you should not forget while planning your wedding.

1. What You Will Do If there is Bad Weather It is a tragedy when your wedding gets broken up by bad weather. Often, people will plan outdoor weddings and simply look ahead at the forecast as confirmation that they won’t need to prepare for bad weather. However, be ready for the worst-case scenario in case it were to happen!

2. Having Enough Seating Available One of the common mistakes that people make while planning their wedding is failing to have enough seating available. When you prepare your invitations and receive your RSVPs, you should have a general idea as to how much seating is available. Make sure that your venue has enough chairs for everyone!

3. Tipping Your Vendors You should, at very minimum, pay the asking price for your vendors. However, if they go above and beyond and do a great job meeting your expectations, then be ready to tip them a little bit. It is normal for wedding vendors to receive tips and they will heavily appreciate any extra money you give them.

4. Splurge a Little Bit You will probably only be doing this once. Therefore, be ready to spend a little bit of money for all the vendors, food, and venue charges that exist for a wedding. If you try to be too frugal, this can translate down to being a poor time for your guests and a less memorable night for the bride and groom.

5. Have an MC When you finally get the perfect venue set up and think you have accounted for all the factors in a successful wedding, be sure to remember the MC. At weddings, the bride and groom often get so sidetracked mingling that they lose track of time. Having an MC will help make the transition between events smooth and flawless.

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