5 Things That Flies Hate The Most

Flies are a nuisance. They carry germs and bacteria that contaminate food and beverages. Try to deal with them naturally instead of opting for toxic remedies. Here are 5 things that flies are not so fond of. 

Basil Plants

Basil essential oil is one of the most effective and affordable fly repellents available. Flies will not bother to come back on sensing the pungent odour of basil. Place basil pots in and around your house to keep the flies at bay.


You can get quick relief from the constant irritating buzzing if basil essential oil is used the right way. Treat the flies before they conquer your space. Take a few drops of basil oil along with some water in a spray bottle. Spray the areas where the flies invade frequently. You also have the option to keep basil plants on coffee tables and kitchen countertops to restrict the entry of these creepy pests. 

The Smell Of Peppermint

Peppermint oil can indeed do an outstanding job of repulsing flies from the outside and inside of your house. Deal with the headstrong infestation before it gets too late. Consider planting peppermint in your yard to safeguard the plants from flies. 


As per reports, peppermint oil has the ability to keep flies away for at least six days post its application. This is an easy and safe-to-use marvellous natural pest repellent. Making this spray is not an arduous chore. All you have to do is, take a spray bottle and fill it with water. Then, add several drops of peppermint essential oil to it and shake well. Alternatively, try using dried herbs. Flies hate that too. 

Cinnamon’s Aroma

Cinnamon is one of the most common fly-repellent scents. This powerful smell restricts the flies from hanging out in your space. Place a bundle of cinnamon sticks in the high-traffic areas or use cinnamon essential oil to repulse these critters. Flies multiply and spread around very fast.  Seek the help of professional exterminators as soon as possible. 


Research the renowned pest control agencies near your locality. Cross-check their reviews and feedback, service charges and expertise before making a conclusion. Feel free to request them to use non-toxic pest removal techniques to protect the healthy atmosphere at home. 

Clean Surroundings

Never leave the dishes unwashed. The food stuck to the dirty dishes is more like a siren call for these creepy critters. Keep the kitchen clean at all times, no matter how much of a busy bee you are. Wash and rinse the countertops and stovetops after preparing the meals. An unclean space is a fly’s paradise. 


Dump the rubbish on time and always ensure that the garbage bags are sealed properly before disposal. To prevent flies from sneaking in, get rid of all the food debris, then and there. Also, do not forget to seal their hideouts. Think smart and find out ways to trap these pesky creatures. 

Cayenne Pepper

Flies dislike the spicy scent of cayenne pepper. Grind cayenne pepper and add the powder to a spray bottle along with warm water. Shake the bottle and spray it on the fly zones of your space.

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