5 Things to Consider While Looking for Wheelchair Ramps


Public buildings, hospitals, restaurants, and many other places have wheelchair ramps. But, you need to be sure that it is safe to use. Especially when buying for personal use for your elderly, then you need to make sure that it helps them by sufficing all their needs and makes their process easy. 

To get the ramps in your budget, you just need to search “Aluminum ramps for sale ” or ”used aluminum ramps for sale,” and you will get them at much lower rates as compared to their market price. Read further to explore what six things you need to consider while buying a wheelchair ramp for your elderly. 


  • Ramp Material:


There are a number of options for selecting ramp material today. Majorly there are two options. First, aluminum ramps, and second, wooden ramps. Concrete ramps and steel ramps are barely used. You can choose from all the available options by knowing their pros and cons. It specifically depends on the requirements, the amount of time the user will spend on the ramp and other factors that include the mobility issues of the user. 


  • Slope and Angle:


In general, the ramp must have a 1:12 slope ratio. In simple terms, it means that there must be a one-inch rise in the ramp for every 12 inches of length. The reduced inclination is easy for wheelchair users and safer to use, especially in icy climates, where there are more chances for them to slip and fall. Hence, an angle must be maintained, and it is preferable to include an elevator or other wheelchair lift for the same purpose. 


  • Permanent or Portable:


 You need to make sure that the ramp is based on the needs of the user. If it is for home entrance, then it needs to be strong and permanent. But if you are taking it for traveling purposes, then it needs to be portable and lightweight so that it is easy for you to carry.  


  • Weight Capacity:


Different kinds of wheelchair ramps tend to offer different weight capacities. If the user of the wheelchair is on the higher scale of the weighing machine, then you, as a caretaker, need to make sure that the ramps, as well as the wheelchair, can bear the weight of the elderly. You need to make sure that the ramp should be able to hold the elderly with the wheelchair, so you need to calculate the weight limit accordingly. 


  • Cost:


Wheelchair ramps are expensive. Thus you need to look for other options as well. Rather than buying a new one, you can just type “aluminum ramps for sale,” and then you will have your options for a much lower price as well. If you want a wheelchair ramp, then first you need to build it and then install it. Basically, it needs to be of proper size and material, and it needs structure as well. 


There are a number of things that you need to take care of while buying a wheelchair, as well as the ramp for it. You need to make sure that it is easy to install, light in weight, and suffice the needs of the patient. You need to make sure it is of proper material, style, length, and weight can hold more weight than the user along with their wheelchair, and is easy to use. You also need to make sure that the patient has two types, one that is permanently fixed at the house of the user and the other one that needs to be carried while traveling. Also, the material used should go along with the weather like a snowy and rainy place will have a more slippery surface. Thus you need something to add an extra grip to the ramps. Whereas in normal situations, less grip can also fix their issue. 


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