5 Things to Do Before Filing Workers’ Compensation

Before you get on the internet and search around for the best workers comp lawyers in Lancaster, PA to help you out with your workers’ compensation case, know that you might be able to do this on your own. However, preparing for doing this is just as important as the steps involved in getting the aid you are entitled to.

1. Get Medical Treatment Before you can hire one of the best workers compensation lawyers in Lancaster, PA, you should start by getting yourself treated by a medical professional of your choosing. Don’t worry about the financial costs right away since this is something that you will eventually discuss with your employer. Keep receipts and all proof of your case, though!

2. Call Your Friends and Family When you get in an accident and are finally in a safe place, the next thing you should do is call your friends and family that need to be aware of what’s happening. They will also be able to help you out with the physical trauma of the injury in the meantime.

3. Get Time off Work to Heal If you have a serious enough injury that will impact your working ability, then you will probably need to take some time off to heal. Make sure to inform your employer of the injury at this point, if they don’t already know, and then take the proper amount of time off of work.

4. Inform Your Boss That You Intend to File Once you have a strong case that you are entitled to workers’ compensation, then you should inform your manager that you intend to file for workers’ compensation. Usually, they will understand right away and help you out throughout the entire process.

5. Try to Do Things Without Legal Assistance In some cases, employers will be very fair and diplomatic with you while you are seeking out workers’ compensation. However, if you feel that you are being treated unfairly and/or unable to get the compensation you deserve, you should then get legal help.

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