5 Things You Should Know About Hair Transplantation

In today’s time, DHI technology has made hair transplantation a simple and quick process.Compared to the FUE method, the DHI method has a much quicker recovery period and can be performed with less bleeding.

Even today most beard transplant clinic use the DHI method to perform the beard transplant procedure. And also because of the DHI method, the cost of hair transplantation will be slightly less.

Along with all this, the method also has many benefits about which we will talk about in this post today.

Five benefits of DHI hair transplantation

So here are the five benefits which will get if if you choose DHI method for hair transplantation:

A DHI hair transplant is surgical

If you do not know, then let us tell you that hair transplantation is a surgical procedure where all the follicles and roots are removed from one side of your head and transplanted in the balding area. The area where hair is removed is called the donor site, and where the hair is transplanted is called the recipient site. Hair transplantation is a procedure where medical instruments are not used. This means there will be no harm to your body because of the hair transplant.

Even if you have a patchy beard or no beard, you can still get a hair transplant, where a beard transplant clinic will follow the same procedure.


You can treat transplanted hair and natural hair in the same way

Once your hair transplant is complete and your transplanted hair starts to grow, you can treat the transplanted hair as natural hair. This is because transplanted hair is like natural hair. You can even style the transplanted hair as you like. And your transplanted hair doesn’t require special treatment, and you can wash and treat them the same way you treat your natural hair.


DHI Hair transplantation is budget-friendly

Getting a hair transplant is normal today, but some people don’t go for it because they think it is expensive. Well, it is not so. The hair transplantation procedure was great before a few salons when hair transplantation technology was handy, and hair transplantation was not even popular among the people. Nowadays, getting hair transplantation is budget-friendly, and people can afford it. The basic cost of hair transplantation will start from ₹24,994.


The DHI transplanted hair is permanent

Some people think that the hair that is transplanted is not permanent. Well, this is not true. The hairs on your scalp that have been transplanted stay in your head permanently and continue to grow for a long time, maybe a lifetime.


Simple aftercare after a DHI hair transplant

After the hair transplantation, you will need to take certain antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications prescribed by your hair transplant surgeon. And yes, you must understand that hair loss may occur on non-transplanted hair.

Final words

So these were the five benefits that will get from DHI hair tranplant. We also want to tell you that a hair transplant has no side effects as long as you take the prescribed medicines.

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