5 Things You Should Know About Workers Compensation

Before you get up and hire a Lancaster workers compensation attorney there are some things that you need to know more about how this system works. Below, you will find 5 things you should know about workers’ compensation.

1. Most Employers are Required to Have it 

Although workers’ compensation is something that most employers have, it is not necessarily required for all employers. This is dependent on state laws. In Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation is required for most employers.

2. Claims Can Include Lost Wages and Medical Bills

One of the reasons people will call a workers compensation lawyer Lancaster PA is when they don’t feel that they are receiving the total money that they are entitled to. You should be receiving compensation for both medical bills and lost wages.

3. Suffering Both Injury & Illnesses Can be Entitled to Compensation

Although an injury is the most common reason that people will file for workers’ compensation, an illness that can be traced back to being the fault of the employer is also often a reason to get compensation.

4. Employers Might Not Offer You the Money you Deserve

If you file for workers’ compensation, your employer might not offer you the money you deserve. At least not right away. This is why it’s important that you keep receipts on your medical bills, know how much wages you lost, and so on.

5. Delivery Drivers & Other Work-Tasks on the Road Can Be Covered 

If you work as a delivery driver and suffer an accident that was not your fault on the road, you are likely to be able to receive the proper compensation. This might also be a good reason to get in touch with a Lancaster auto accident lawyer. If your boss has you run an office errand on the clock, this can often also be covered.

Need Help for your Workers’ Compensation? 

If you have recently suffered an injury on the job and need some help getting your proper share of workers’ compensation, Georgelis Injury Law Firm is a great resource to consider. We can help you get the proper compensation that you deserve.

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