5 Things You Should Look For When Choosing Transcription Video Software

Transcription video software is a powerful tool that helps to convert audio and video files to text quickly. Transcription enables you to improve the accessibility of your online content and maximize your SEO. Users can upload audio or video files on a transcription software, and the application provides a transcribed document of what was said. Adding a transcript below, your video content makes it more shareable.


Transcription video software is a reliable tool that eliminates the need for multi-tasking. You can focus on other aspects of your video, as this software takes off the added burden of transcribing data. The software generates transcribed texts which outline exactly who is saying what using speech recognition tools. It enables the conversion of speech into text by recognizing spoken words. You can find video animation maker software with transcription tools to convert the voice-over into text instantly. If such devices do not come in handy, you can purchase video transcription software separately for transcription purposes.


The U.S. transcription market size was valued at USD 19.8 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 6.1% from 2020 to 2027. While the transcription software market is growing exponentially, choosing the right software can be difficult. Here are some of the significant considerations that will help you to choose the right transcription video software.


  • Quick Turnaround

Ask your vendor about the turnaround time of the software. The turnaround depends on the length and quality of the file that you upload. You can confirm with your vendor quickly the software can transcribe a video file of a particular size. It will help you to determine the efficiency of the software.


  • Built-In Editor

You may have to eliminate some of the words in the transcribed file. An in-app editing feature helps you to edit the transcriptions, rewrite, or remove the inaccuracies. Check the editing tools of the software so that you can produce high-quality transcribed texts.


  • Amount Allowed

The transcription software often comes with certain limitations. This software can transcribe files of a certain length, and the time taken to transcribe differs for each software. The capabilities of the software depend on your pricing plan.


  • Accuracy

One of the key features that you should look for in software is the accuracy of the text it transcribes. No software can produce a perfectly transcribed output as the accents and dialects can vary significantly. However, ensure that the software’s speech recognition feature can determine the words to a great extent.


  • Security

Security is an essential attribute for any software. Read through the software’s privacy policy to ensure that it will protect your confidential content. The software should give the user control over the data and content that they store for enhanced security.


  • Additional Features

You can also look for additional features such as a custom dictionary, timestamps, and tools to transcribe different languages at once that will help to boost the growth of your videos.


To Conclude:

You can also check if your vendor offers a free trial version for the software to ensure that it is the right fit. Transcribing videos has the potential to make your content accessible to all your users. Transcription software can help you to transcribe audio files into texts without any human support.

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