5 Tips for Beautiful and Bold Latina Makeup Looks

19Latina makeup in its finest form celebrates striking shades, rich pigmentation, versatile formulas—and embraces the unique beauty rituals passed on through generations. Makeup is a way for some Latinas to honor and celebrate themselves in today’s modern world while proudly paying homage to their heritage.

Makeup for today’s Latinas is sophisticated, rooted in culture, and authentic. The best Latina makeup brands are authentic, founded by Latinas themselves and highly attuned to helping women create the precise, colorful look of their choosing. If you’re looking for beautiful and bold Latina makeup tips, here are a few product recommendations for Latinas stepping up their makeup game.

Bold Labios

The perfect red lip is super polished and unapologetically defiant. It’s not too dark and it’s not too bright. Find a shade that complements your skin tone and helps bring out your skin’s gorgeous undertones, and equally important, gives you the burst of fierce energy a perfect red should inspire in you. Some of the best Latina makeup brands have also nailed nude lipstick in a variety of shades—ones that won’t make you look “washed out.” So, whether you feel like rocking reds or natural nudes, you can have your lips popping wherever the day or night takes you.

Paint for Brows + Ojos

Your go-to product should tame, define, and set your eyebrows for a flawless look and last all day. If your brows are sparse, the best eye paint gives you control and fills in eyebrows for a natural, defined look. Multipurpose formulas also work beautifully as an eyeshadow base. The base allows you to add other color layers and keep the look in place. With some brands, you can even use an eye paint on lids as an eyeshadow base, eyeshadow, or as a beautiful eyeliner.

Liquid Eyeliner

You need an eyeliner that isn’t playing. You want a precise line. Whether you’re going for a glamorous, edgy, or retro look, your liquid eyeliner needs to deliver opaqueness and drama. You should be able to create the perfect cat eye or clean, lean line without worrying about the liquid eyeliner smudging or fading over time. For a fun, highly-pigmented look, choose a cobalt blue liner that’s bound to be a head-turner. Stunning blues are reminiscent of La Isla del Encanto.

Wet Dry Eyeshadow

Create the look of your dreams with an eyeshadow palette featuring highly saturated colors that can be used dry or wet for a high-impact look. The possibilities are endless—from soft and polished to smoky and dramatic. For tips, tricks, and tutorials, be sure to follow your favorite Latina beauty influencers to show you how they are killing the eyeshadow game.

Express Your Authentic Self

Many Latinas can attest to finding their passion for makeup at a young age while watching their mothers or grandmothers go through their daily beauty routines, or watching their favorite telenovelas. These early influences mark the beginning of a lifelong passion for makeup and pride in cultural identity. From Latina makeup styles that represent a range of heritages to the very popular art form that has developed around the chola makeup style—evolution has taken place, but there’s always a timeless blend of classic signature elements that remain. These ranges of amazing styles show the rich history of Latinas and their beauty rituals. Determine which features you love and want to draw out and experiment to find a look that helps you express your true, authentic self.

About Reina Rebelde

Reina Rebelde is the first makeup line created for Latinas, founded by a Latina. Reina Rebelde translates to “Rebel Queen” in English and is a celebration of a Latina’s many amazing dualities. She celebrates the beauty of her Reina and fierceness of her Rebelde. She is American and Latina; she speaks Spanish and English; she is proudly rooted in her heritage and ambitiously pursuing her American experience. Reina Rebelde’s essence encourages women to authentically express themselves through bold, beautiful Latina makeup.

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