5 Tips on How to Appreciate Your Movers and Packers

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When you are going to move, make sure you plan everything well in advance. You should hire trustworthy movers, plan the décor of the new house, transfer utilities, cancel subscriptions, research about the new neighborhood, etc. Moving is a daunting activity and thus, you should organize everything well beforehand.

When hiring best long distance movers Los Angeles, make sure that they are efficient and do not charge hidden fees. They should be easy to communicate and should be responsive. The movers should be smart and willing to help. Now you have to understand that moving is quite a strenuous job. And for that, you need skill and hard labor. This is why you need to tip the professionals. The standard rate is 15-20%. However, you can give whatever your budget allows.

Now when not to tip your movers? If they are rude or don’t listen to your requirements, then there is no need to tip them. Moreover, if the movers drag or pull your furniture, damage your belongings due to manhandling, etc., then also you shouldn’t pay them any amount. You should tip them only if they have impressed you with great services. You should be a little kind to them if the physical and environmental conditions of the move are strenuous. For example, if the weather is too harsh, or if there are narrow hallways, doorways, etc. They have to put in more effort if the conditions are hard and thus, you should appreciate them. Not all relocations are the same. If you are moving to a smaller apartment with no elevator, then also, you should consider the hard work that they have to put in. Moving up and down the stairs with bulky furniture is no joke.

If the movers have adhered to all your needs within a short time, then you must appreciate the same. Make sure that every member of the team gets the tip! It all depends on your budget and taste as well. You can skip if your budget is strained too much but don’t forget to be modest if you don’t have any such restrictions. Movers need to be appreciated just like waiters.

Apart from tipping, ensure that you turn on the air conditioner if it is hot or the heater on if it is too cold. Make sure they are comfortable. If they are working drying lunchtime, offering food makes sense. Provide a cooler with water and aerated drinks. Provide snacks and offer some tea or coffee. This is a great way to show kindness. Treat them as human beings. Hire good yet professional long distance movers Los Angeles for good services.

You can also provide a good review of the long distance moving companies in Los Angeles online. This is a great way to show that you have liked their work. Most of them get work based on testimonials or referrals. Help the company expand and this would also be counted as a tip.

So these are a few tips from my side when it comes to tipping the movers and packers.

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