5 tips that make your clothes smell good always:

If every morning you have a good time cleaning and perfume before leaving home, it doesn’t make much sense to put on a garment with a bad smell. Do you want your clothes to smell good always?

Start by checking that your washer is clean, as many times the bad smell comes out of this appliance. Also, make sure that you do not leave it too long in the drum and that you do not store it without it having dried completely so that it does not take a musty smell.

Once these initial precautions are taken, we will give you some tips suggested by liox cleaners New York NY, that will help you keep your clothes with a fresh scent for longer.

Here are the best tricks to make your clothes smell always good:

  1. Scented soaps and softeners:

The first step to make your clothes smell good starts with the washing machine. Today you can find scented detergents and softeners that leave a very rich smell in the garments. You just have to find the fragrance that you like best.

  1. Essential oils during washing:

If you prefer, you can introduce essential oils directly into the washing machine. But don’t do it at the beginning. Wait for the last wash cycle, before final rinse or spin. With 10 drops it should be enough, but you can always modify the quantities to suit your tastes.

  1. Put scented sheets in the dryer:

Also during drying, you can take advantage to improve the smell of your clothes. In the drugstore scented leaves are sold that get into the drum, but you can make them yourself. You only need a piece of cotton cloth soaked with essential oil. When there are 10 minutes left before the dryer finishes, insert it between the clothes.

  1. Perfume the water from the iron:

As suggested by liox cleaners New York NY, when you go to iron your clothes, try pouring a few drops of special scented liquid for irons. At the same time that you remove wrinkles, your clothes will be impregnated with a rich smell.

  1. Wardrobe and drawers, always clean:

After worrying about a perfect wash and iron, you won’t want to ruin everything because of the closet. Even if you don’t see it, the drawers and the closet accumulate dirt, dust and bad smells. So, from time to time, empty them and clean them thoroughly.


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