5 Tips To Consider Before Furnace Installation Longmont, Colorado

Do you have an old furnace that you’re considering replacing soon? The good news is that you have so many varieties of new models today. So, you have many options to consider as per efficiency and comfort level. Nonetheless, it’s important to have perfect furnace installation Longmont Colorado. For that, you got to buy the right product for your home. Most homeowners believe that the installation of a furnace is very simple.

But instead of doing it yourself, it is best to let the technicians do the job right. Why? It’s because they’re licensed and experienced to handle the complicated job. Moreover, there are various factors to consider for heater installation.

Here we have shared the important 5 tips that you have to keep in mind before installing the furnace.

  1. Consider problems related to cost, space, and B.T.U

The first step for furnace installation Longmont Colorado is to determine where you want to fix it. You also have to consider your budget and the product’s ability to heat the home efficiently. So, it’s important to have appropriate space in your home to fit a furnace adequately. Moreover, you also have to decide the budget for your furnace along with the installation costs.

You even have to measure a furnace’s efficiency in British Thermal Units (B.T.U’s). It is because this impacts the whole system’s ability to heat the home. Meanwhile, it depends on the square footage of the area you want to heat.

If the selected product meets this condition, it can properly heat the desired area. One simple way to understand it is in the terms of a better efficiency rating. For instance, if a furnace has an efficiency rating of 80-percent in your home, it means that 20-percent of heat won’t get used for heating your house. And, higher the efficiency rating, the better the furnace’s ability to disperse heat within the whole house with less heat wastage.

  1. Switch off electricity, gas, and drainage links

Another important tip to keep in mind is to shut off the gas supply, as well as the drainage links and electricity. It is because, during Longmont furnace installation, there can be the risk of fires, flooding, and electrocution.

Therefore, you have to make sure that all the links are off. It prevents any house damage risks.

  1. Consider connections and location before furnace installation Longmont Colorado

After deciding where to install the furnace, you have to be aware of the return duct that’s connected to the furnace. As per its location, you need to connect them with extra piping. You need extra piping only if they are not able to reach each other from a specific location.

Also, ensure that the needed piping, like the inlets and PVC exhaust, is well secured. It is important to prevent potential leakages. Even check any gas leakage before furnace repair Longmont Colorado. And, consider proper usage of carbon monoxide monitor for sending you alters of any further potential leakage.

  1. Check proper drainage flow before furnace installation Longmont Colorado

Another important to keep in mind before furnace installation Longmont Colorado is to avoid leakages. It’s suggested that the system gets installed on a downward tilt facing the direction of the drain. It ensures that an inevitable condensation gets expelled from the system. Next, direct it towards the drain for preventing water pooling. It is important because water won’t flow in the drain due to pooling.

  1. Before furnace installation Longmont Colorado follow proper electrical wiring instructions

Lastly, you have to let the furnace become operational. It is possible when the electrical wiring is properly fixed. So, you have to follow proper instructions that come within the package at the time of buy. Do follow the instructions carefully and turn off the electricity beforehand. This way, you will stay safe from any electrocution dangers.


While furnace installation Longmont Colorado seems an impossible task, you need to follow the given steps. Keep in mind that the safest and best option is to hire a certified HVAC technician for doing the job right. The professionals do the work effectively and safely due to their unbeatable expertise and knowledge in this field.

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