5 Top Benefits of Getting a Granny Flat

Don’t be fooled by the name. Modern granny flats aren’t any different from traditional houses. In addition to their size, granny flats are basically the same design and elements of a typical and liveable house. Granny flats typically have an entire kitchen, bedroom and living area.

The great aspect of granny flats is that you don’t need to compromise the functionality. With a top custom Portable Cabins Australia it is possible to even design the ideal living space to suit your needs. Here we will examine some of the advantages and possible uses for a Portable Granny Flats for Sale on your property.

  1. Private Residence for Family Members

If you have parents who are elderly and looking to move down granny flats is the ideal solution. They are where they get their name, since they are a necessity. Granny flats are great for older children who prefer to be close by but aren’t able to afford it have a room for them to live without your children living in your house. Granny flats provide everyone with the space they require, without sacrificing privacy, space and freedom.

  1. Home Office or Studio

Many homeowners prefer to construct granny flats that can be used as a home studio or office. In these instances the layout for the flat could be customized to fit the need. It can also be maintained as an apartment, which means it is able to be used for a variety of reasons later on.

  1. Potential Rental Income

Granny flats are an income stream when they are rented to other individuals. This is a very popular choice for those who reside in areas that are populated during the summer like coastal towns or near national parks. This additional income could aid in paying the mortgage off quicker or just provide additional spending funds. Remember that the use of a granny flat to do this requires approval from your council.

  1. Increased Property Value

Whatever your plans are, whether you want to lease an old granny apartment on your land, or if it is primarily used as an accommodation for guests, to accommodate elderly parents, or to serve as a place for teens to relax and retreat, it will add value of your property. The ability to create space for extra occupancy is sure to yield dividends when it comes to the valuation of your property. When you construct a granny apartment instead of expanding your main residence, you’ll can have your own private, self-contained space that offers a myriad of possibilities.

  1. Fast Approval

Contrary to subdivisions and major remodels making a granny apartment is a simple procedure for obtaining council approval. As long as the granny apartment conforms to Council rules and requirements homeowners can receive approval for their building quickly.

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