5 Top Manufacturers that Produce Quality Ammunition

Picking the right ammo brand is a matter all the time of personal preference. The term ammo can be followed back to the mid-seventeenth century. The history of ammo can be followed back to the innovation of firecrackers around 900 AD. The Chinese fostered black gunpowder that was made out of Saltpeter, Charcoal, and Sulfur. Ammo utilized in guns goes back as far as the late 13th Century. Ammunition in the U.S. began with the Springfield Armory – the primary arsenal amid the American Revolutionary War, explored and supported by George Washington himself in 1777.

Here is a brief synopsis of brands we hold that are produced in America. Look at the reputation of the brand with your specific firearm, and then ensure it works well for you.

HORNADY (RIFLE, SHOTGUN, HANDGUN AND RIMFIRE):The Hornady ammunition company was started by rescuing surplus ammo and spent housings from WWII and reusing it for hunting and target shooting purposes. Presently, the Hornady factory is situated in Grand Island, Nebraska. Hornady is accessible in each of the four essential ammo types,and well-known product lines such as Superformance, Critical Defense, and American Whitetail.

WINCHESTER (RIFLE, HANDGUN, SHOTGUN, AND RIMFIRE): Introduced in 1866, Winchester produced the firearms that won the west, and they were the primary partner of “the Edison of guns” Mr. John Browning himself. Winchester ammo can be easily found across the world in their red ammo and signature white boxes. Rifle, handgun, shotgun, and 22 LR Rimfire Ammo, make it all in almost every caliber imaginable. The main Winchester ammunition factories are situated in Illinois, East Alton, and Oxford, Mississippi. Famous Winchester variants involve Defender, Super-X, and Match ammunition.

FEDERAL PREMIUM (RIFLE, SHOTGUN, HANDGUN AND RIMFIRE): Federal Premium Ammunition is another genuine American original ammo. In 1922, Charles Horn bought a small factory in Minnesota, Anoka, and started an aggressive marketing plan for his ammo. Federal Premium is still situated in Anoka today, and they make every one of the four essential types of ammo. Well-known product offerings by Federal Premium such as V-Shok, Premium Personal Defense, and American Eagle.

REMINGTON (RIFLE, SHOTGUN, HANDGUN AND RIMFIRE): Remington is one more renowned American producer of American guns and ammo. The Remington Arms Company was established in 1816 in New York, as well as it holds the distinction of being among the longest consistently working manufacturers in America. Well known variants involve Premier, Core-Lokt, and Hypersonic loads.

CCI (RIMFIRE AND HANDGUN): CCI, or Cascade Cartridges Inc., was established by mechanical professional Dick Speer in 1951. CCI is situated in Lewiston, Idaho just similar to his brother’s company Speer, and their famous product lines such as Stinger, Mini-Mag, and Quik-Shok. Presently, CCI is a forerunner in rimfire ammo, and they also manufacture centerfire pistol ammunition in selected calibers.

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