5 Tricks for Efficient Usage of Your Subscription to HBO Max

With the recent release of HBO Max, a new video streaming service by Warner Media Entertainment on May 27, 2020, makes it the broadest streaming service of 2020. It has the most comprehensive range of entertainment content, which has been gathered from all the top entertainment services. You can watch all the top TV shows and movies on this platform. The cost of its monthly subscription is $14.99, which is an ad-free subscription package. The subscribers can view all their favorite entertainment shows on this hot new streaming service from HBO.

With this service, you can download the shows and watch them offline too. The download can be done depending upon your desired quality. And with one single account can be used to watch shows on three similar or different platforms simultaneously. Despite being available for almost all the platforms, it is not available for use in Amazon’s Fire TV and Roku. But you can watch it on all other platforms: Android, Apple TV, Android TV, PS4, iOS, Chromecast, Xbox One, and Samsung Smart TV. If you have subscribed for this newly launched streaming service, you can follow these tips for efficient usage of your subscription. You can find the steps below:

  1. Adding the Service to Hulu Subscription

You can add HBO Max subscription to your Hulu plan. By doing this, you will be able to watch both of them at the same place. However, you will have to pay for both the subscriptions individually. Even if you are on a 7-day-free-trial, you can add your HBO Max subscription in your Hulu Plan.

  • Navigate and Explore

Once you have paid for the subscription, or even if you are on trial, you should explore the interface of this streaming service. On navigation, you will find that there are various options available like titles scrolling on the upper screen, notifying users about the new shows and movies. If you click on any of the shows among them, it will take you to the main page of that show, where you will find the complete series or seasons of that particular show. You may add these shows to your custom list of shows. From that list, you watch those shows. You can also set up reminder notifications regarding the upcoming shows or movies, or any offers. Once you have set it, HBO Max will update you regarding the offers and the upcoming movies or shows. HBO has added some more sections to their streaming service where you can see the shows which are arriving in the future, and the ones which are recently added to the streaming service.

  • Download Content on Mobile

HBO Max also provides you with various options to download your favorite movies and shows on your handset too. Once you have downloaded the content, it will appear in the download section of your profile. You can watch it offline, wherever or whenever desired. You can download each season or episodes of your desired show selectively as well as individually. On putting the episodes on mass download, they will form a queue and download in a proper sorted order one by one. The benefit of mass downloading is that you don’t need to click on the download button again and again. One tapping is enough to enable the download procedure for all the episodes.

  • Setting Parental Controls for Kids Monitoring

HBO is having a vast content for kids as well. However, HBO is mainly recognized for its vast content for adults. So, it has given users access to control the shows which kids can watch. The parents can restrict the shows which can be viewed by kids. It can be done to limit the kids from watching the adult shows. You can add a Kid profile and select the content which is best rated for kids. Once doing this, click on the save option and then you will be able to switch between yours and your kid’s profile.

  • Control Unauthorized Access

HBO Max keeps the record of the locations and the number of devices from where you have logged in to your account. You can perform regular checks to make sure that how many devices have access to your account. You can do this by clicking on the Manage Devices option and sign out your account from any devices which are suspicious. You can remove devices individually as well as collectively.

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