5 Tricks for Treating Tennis Elbow at Home

Before you visit a doctor for tennis elbow, you might be able to fix the problem by yourself from home. Below, the folks from Performance Pain Houston have given us 5 tricks that you can try to cure tennis elbow without professional help. Keep these in mind to potentially save some money on medical bills!

1. Resting & Icing

Just as you would ice inflammation for other injuries, you should do this consistently for your tennis elbow. The trick is to ice for 15 – 20 minutes at a time for several sessions throughout a day. While not icing, do your absolute best to rest the elbow to let your body naturally heal itself.

2. Minimize Your Practice

If you are serious about tennis, you should consider this injury as a serious problem. You don’t want to risk having things get worse. Therefore, minimize your practice and do techniques and drills that are not going to cause you to use your sore elbow.

3. Change Your Racquet

The cause of your tennis elbow might be due to your equipment. Try changing out your racquet to one that is a little heavier than your other one. However, make sure not to assume that this is a quick-fix. If you start using a new racquet all the time as you did to get tennis elbow, it may continue to make your condition worse.

4. Use a Brace

If you haven’t already bought a brace, this should be something that you do right away. This will help stabilize the muscles that are hurting. For best results, use the brace all the time. This way, you can optimize the chance of your body healing it naturally without further aggravating your elbow with constant use.

5. Daily Stretches

One of the ways to experience relief from tennis elbow is to do stretches. Typically, stretching your wrist will also stretch the muscles that are hurting from tennis elbow. This is because your hands use the muscles in your forearms.


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