5 Tricks to maintain Air Conditioner for Long-lasting Bliss

Your air conditioner isn’t going to work without a hitch forever. If you want your unit to last, there are plenty of tricks and tips to help you extend its service life. Here are a few of the most effective ones that you should try out. By following these suggestions, you won’t have to worry about your ac unit dying on you and having to look for a replacement much too soon.

Replace the Air Filter Regularly

How many times do you change the air filter? Well, it depends on your household. If you have pets or kids, it’s best that you change the air filter every 60 to 90 days. If it’s an average home without pets or kids, 90 days is the usual time frame. And if there’s heavy traffic of kids or pets, you’ll need to have your air filters changed every 30 to 60 days. If you wait too long in between air filter replacements, that will lead to poor airflow caused by clogged filters. Poor airflow can lead to other system problems. You can nip those issues in the bud by replacing your air filters routinely.

Know the Signs

Recognize the signs that indicate your AC unit is in trouble. If you encounter any of the following signs, then reach out to an AC repair in Peoria for help.

  • Are there any strange noises that issue from the unit?
  • Does water come out of the air handler?
  • Is there a burning or burnt smell when you use the AC?
  • Does the AC keep dying on its own?
  • Does the unit work slower than usual?
  • Does the unit fail to properly cool down your place?

Do the Basics First

Before you call in pros to assess your air conditioner and resolve the problem, do basic fixes first. For instance, try replacing the batteries in your thermostat. That’s one of the best ways to fix a thermostat that won’t seem to turn on or work properly. If that takes care of the problem, then good. Also, check if the unit is plugged in properly. This might sound like a given but it’s easy to overlook this mistake. If you have kids or pets or live with someone else at home, someone could have unplugged the unit by mistake.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

You can save on costs when you use a programmable thermostat. You also won’t have to keep your AC running all day just to make sure your home is comfortable the minute you step through the door. You can just program the thermostat an hour before you get home. That way, the AC unit isn’t overused. That also means you can cut down on any unnecessary energy consumption on your end.

Hire Pros for the Job

There might be plenty of DIY tutorials out there, but without proper knowledge, tools, and skills, you could make a mistake during a simple fix. Let pros handle everything for you, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your AC system beyond repair.

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