5 Types of Excavations You Should Know Of

Want to start a construction business in southern Alberta? The first thing you will need is Lethbridge excavation contractors who can provide you a team of professional excavation contractors. You will also need to know which type excavation you need for a particular construction. Here are some types of excavations used in construction:

1. Earth Excavation: Various layers of earth need to be removed to form buildings or bridge or anything else. Earth excavation includes the removal of soil, and the layer below the top soil for construction purposes.

2. Rock Excavation: To clear the rocky surface that disturbs the building process, this type of excavation is used. It is the most challenging type of excavation which cannot be done without the use of special equipments and techniques like drilling and blasting.

3. Basement Excavation: The area below the ground level, is usually the basement, when the construction is done below the ground level, basement excavation is used to do so. This type of excavation can be complicated depending upon the size of the land.

4. Striping Excavation: It can also be called as cut and fill excavation, when large areas are supposed to be cleared by removing vast and shallow layers of soil, rocks, sand ,etc. this process of removal is called striping excavation.

5. Trench Excavation: When we need to bury service lines, and install pipelines or sewer systems, trench excavation is used for doing so. The technique used for installing them depends on the ground conditions and other factors.

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