5 Types of Golfing Personalities

If you are hoping to get some good golfing in while in the state of Pennsylvania, you may have heard of Penn Oaks Golf Club. Keeping this in mind, we see lots of golfers here at our club. Here are 5 common golfing personalities that we have seen.

1. The Passionate

The passionate is the type of player who really only plays well when they are excited and full of motivation. These sorts of players will often need to get excited and make a few plays and/or get some good advice before they will play at their best.

2. The Happy Gilmore 

The Happy Gilmore player will be the worst player you can imagine if things don’t go their way. These sorts of golfers will also be incredibly talented once they do get in the zone. Usually, these sorts of players are so hindered by their lows that their incredible talent is often overlooked.

3. The Stressed Out

Certain people tend to act well under pressure in many aspects of life. Golf is no exception to this rule. These sorts of players tend to perform best when they are stressed out about the game. This is

4. The Overthinker 

The overthinker, as the name implies, simply sweat the details too much. From small things like the club they use to the wind, they spend too much time worrying about their next move. Instead, they should focus on what they know and keep playing confidently.

5. The Zen 

The zen player knows how difficult the game of golf is. They understand that everything will not go their way every time. These players will often have the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. In either case, they are calm, confident, and keep on trucking.

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