5 Types of Pants Women Should Try for the Summer


Pants for Women

Summer is a marvellous time to loosen up your wardrobe a little. You can drop a bit of the structure and relax with looser lines and lighter fabrics. 

And before you think that means you have to ditch all your favourite cool-weather clothes and clothes, think again. Even denim can work if you do it right, say in a pair of denim short pants for women that let the legs breathe. 

Need more ideas for what pants to try this summer? Here you go!

1. High-waisted, Wide-legged Pants

These are ever so chic right now – and they fit the demands of summer wear while still letting you feel dressed-up. 

It’s all in the cut. A smart pair of high-waisted flared pants gives you a nice, trim silhouette at the top that lends polish to your look.

Meanwhile, the flared or wide legs help with the summer heat. At the same time, they provide a more relaxed, breezy element to offset the waist of the piece. 

As for fabric and colour, it’s really up to you. But if you want to really try and reduce the amount of heat your clothes absorb, try to go for light shades all the way.

2. Straight-legged Khaki Pants 

If you were following celebrities’ summer trends last year, you might have seen these on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. As it happens, they’re such timeless pieces that you can still rock them now!

For this, you want a very light, breathable fabric, like cotton or a light wool-blend. Aim for khaki and cream shades, and pair the trousers with a dark belt.

It’s really your choice what to wear as a top after that – just about any shade can work thanks to the neutral colour of the trousers themselves. But honestly, this look still goes best with white.

3. Satin Cargo Pants

That’s right – cargo pants now come in satin, and we couldn’t be happier. These pants offer a great way to dress down while seeming to retain some glitz (thanks to the satin’s sheen). 

The fabric is eye-catching and beautifully drapey. Plus, it’s absolutely ideal for summer thanks to its relaxed, lightweight feel. You won’t feel stifled in these.

Both high-waisted and low-rise versions of these trousers exist too, by the way, so you can easily choose what suits you best.

4. Cropped-leg Pants

This is pretty much a staple for summer, honestly. After all, summer’s also when we trot our favourite footwear, from sandals to platforms – and what better way to draw attention to the feet than with cropped trousers?

While you can certainly get cropped pants with fitting silhouettes, our favourite ones this year are wide-legged versions again. They just feel so breathable and offer such comfort that it’s hard to resist!

5. Knit Pants 

That’s right – this winter staple can be used for summer too, at least when the knit is thin. Thin knit pants can be great beachside or cabana attire, even, if you pair them with light tops.

For this to work, try to get a pair in a light shade. Think of light blues, pale pinks, yellows, creams, and more.

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