5 Types of Recliner Chairs

Ever since recliners came into the market, they have been in the limelight of popularity and demand. This is due to the comfort they can provide. Recliners are not only a great living room addition but also a relaxing mood lifter. There are various types of recliners available. This means that you should be aware of which type you want or is ideal for your purpose. While choosing a recliner one should look if it:

  • Fits your interior decor
  • Caters to your orthopedic problems
  • Satisfies your purpose

We know it is overwhelming to choose a recliner. But you don’t have to worry at all now as we got you a long list of options to choose from.

1. Push-Back Recliner

Oftentimes, you may not even be able to recognize a push-back recliner as a recliner. These recliners do not have a button to push or lever to pull. If you want to recline the seat back, you will just need to exert some pressure onto the back of the chair. And since they are not bulky, you can easily move them around from one location to another.

Talking about their look, modern push-back recliners have a sleek look. This makes them look like a regular armchair. Many push-back recliners do not feature an extended footrest, thus, an ottoman is commonly useful as a replacement.

2. Two-Position Recliner

The name here is itself self-explanatory. The recliner has two main positions – sitting up straight and reclined towards the back. Once you pull up the lever on this chair, its back will immediately start to recline back along with the rest of your body.

These riser recliner chairs are more affordable than other types, but they require more room in the area you place them in. Since these reclines need a far back stretch, you won’t be able to put them right against the wall. The position of your two-position recliner should be well thought out before purchasing it.

3. Power Lift Recliner

If you want complete control over how much you want to recline or how much you want your footrest lifted, then a power lift recliner is the best choice for you. They feature a powered button with which you can control how far back you want your recliner to be. Also, the forward positioning on a power recliner makes it easier for you to stand up after sitting down for a while.

This way you can rest in the most comfortable position possible. These riser recliner chairs are the perfect fit for people with physical limitations.

4. Swivel Recliner

These are one of the most advantageous types of recliners for many different types of people. These recliners are able to do a full 360-degree spin with the person still in the seat. How? Because the recliner is attached to a wide circular base. Being able to spin around and still be in place can help those with physical disabilities, elderly people, nursing mothers, etc.

Even though these recliners may take up a bit more space than other recliners, the added mobility benefit makes it worth the size difference.

5. Lift Recliner

It is the most suitable for elderly, arthritis patients, or someone with any other medical condition that requires physical assistance. These have powered remotes that are able to lift the chair up and forward. The mechanism helps patients to stand up from the chair easily. With the remote, users of the chair can also lower the chair all the way back and sleep comfortably.

In order to reduce leg swelling, you can lift the leg-rest of these recliners to an elevated position. There are also shoes for swollen feet available that can provide rest to your swollen legs and protect them from any further damage. The shoes for swollen feet come in various sizes and for different purposes, so choose your type wisely.

Resting It Down

When it comes to chairs, reclines have been the first choice for quite some time, and nowadays, you can easily find one serving many different purposes. There are other types of recliners too for massage, gaming, theatre, etc. Before picking a recliner, you should do some research and have a look around at all of the models made for your desired purpose.

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