5 Unique Ideas for a Summer Hens Night


How do you keep a hens night memorable? A number of unique hens night supplies and decorations can create the ultimate party experience, with your hens night party guests enjoying every second of it. Check out these unique ideas to help you get started with your own summer hens night party!

Cheap Hens Night Games

While most hen party ideas revolve around an amazing night out on the town, there’s no reason you can’t spice things up a bit at home. After all, a backyard barbeque is far more cost-effective than going out for drinks or dinner—and even a more fun option for summer! Get together with your guests and play some cheap hens night games to add more fun to your hens night.

Hilarious Hens Night Decorations

A hens party isn’t complete without decorations. One of our favourite ideas is a simple but hilarious hens night banner that can be displayed in a variety of places. It’s an easy way to decorate and serve as a great photo opportunity for you and your friends. You can order banners and other hens night decorations online.

Transform Your Garden

Summer is a popular time for hens night celebrations, and you don’t want to be stuck with boring decorations or ideas. Transform your garden into a sensational summer venue for your hens night. A huge banner saying ‘Hens Night Tonight!’ is sure to get you in the party mood, and using party decorations such as confetti and more can add some glitz and glamour to proceedings too.

Planning the Perfect Weekend Away

Summer is a busy time for everyone—and it’s even more hectic if you’re planning a hens party. If you want to host an awesome weekend away, get your accommodation sorted in advance so that you can sit back and relax while planning other elements of your weekend away.


A photobooth is a fun addition to any party, and it allows your guests to get silly. It’s a fantastic way to capture candid photos of your closest friends who might otherwise be too shy to pose in front of a camera. You can find some cheap photobooth options online to create unforgettable memories.

Entertaining at home on a hot summer’s night might not be the most obvious choice of venue, but it’s ideal if you want to keep your hens party budget under control. All you need are cheap and easy hen night supplies, games, and decorations to bring out the party animal in every girl!

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