5 Useful Tips to Teach & Encourage Your Child to Read

Many parents don’t pay any heed to instill the habit of reading in their kids until they start school, but it’s never too early to teach your kids to read. Literacy skills are necessary to build a sense of language so the kids can easily communicate and express themselves. With the increased use of gadgets, children are most likely to play games or watch videos on the internet, making it is even harder for parents to motivate their kids to read.

Thus, by making the learning process fun and engaging for kids rather than forcing them to read, parents can motivate the child to learn to read books. Moreover, it will help kids gain an interest in reading and seek knowledge through it. Here are 5 useful tips to teach and encourage your child to read.

Be a Role Model:

Children often emulate and learn by observing others. Therefore, show your children that reading is something that even you enjoy doing. Whether a book, magazine or newspaper, let your children watch you read for sometime in a day. When a child sees that the parents themselves do not like reading but force them to read, they will more likely develop disinterest in reading. If you wish to teach your child to read, then love to read yourself.

Choose Books Together:

Children tend to develop an interest in something if they are involved in the process. When you’re going to a bookstore or library, take your kid along and let them choose the books to read with you. Choosing and having their books will make them excited about reading. Always ask your child what they wish to read-story, book or even comics. You can also gift them a book to inculcate the habit of reading.

Read Aloud With Your Kid:

Read aloud to your children in an enthusiastic tone by pointing towards words. Perhaps, you could stop in the middle and ask them to read aloud; you can correct them in case they go wrong or ask them questions related to it. This will help introduce them to the sound of words, enhance vocabulary, build comprehension skills and develop love towards reading. Ensure that you do this daily even if it is for a few minutes.

Read Through Environmental Print:

A great way to teach children to read is by showing them printed words on books, labels, word games, posters etc. You can label things in your house and ask your child to read their name. You can do this anywhere; in a mall or a car or elsewhere by showing them posters, road signs, billboards. This will make them familiar with sounds and letters and they will be curious to learn new words.


Rhymes are not only fun but help the kids to identify sounds and syllables. You can ask them to list out the rhyming words which will help build phonemic awareness, boosting their interest and literacy skills to read.

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