5 Ways to Change Up Your Exercise Regimen

Exercising is all fun and games until it’s not. Usually, people go through a couple of phases in their relationship with working out. First, they break through and finally commit to going to the gym and start some workouts that can help get them results. After a little habit-building, you probably start to see results on the scale and in non-scale victories. But what about months after that?

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If you feel like your exercise routine is a little, well, routine, then it’s time to mix things up! Here are a few tips to keep you inspired on your fitness mission and change things up.

Hit the Trails

Sure, you can get killer results with the treadmill, but running in place gets old for most of us. Take your cardio regimen outside and hit a trail or the sidewalk in your neighborhood for some fresh air. It surprises many people how different running outside is compared to on a treadmill, and the beautiful weather and sights can make it more interesting as well.

Sign Up for a Class

No matter how disciplined you are, you might eventually feel like you’re not pushing yourself as much as you used to. You know what can kick the weight loss exercise program you’ve created into overdrive? A support team! When you’re in a group fitness environment, you tend to work harder to keep up with the rest of the class, and you’ll impress yourself when you realize how much more you can do. Whether you want to do Pilates, spin class, or try your mitts at fitness boxing, check out your gym’s schedule and join up with a class of other dedicated people.

Move the Goal Posts

When it comes to pumping iron, people usually have one of two goals: get stronger or get bigger. But maybe it’s time to try something different. If you’ve been focusing on adding more weight to your routine, try doing more reps or vice versa if you’ve been focusing on reps only.

Get Wet and Wild

It’s still summertime, so abandon the elliptical machine and make a splash with your cardio routine. Swimming laps is a fun, full-body workout that’s also low impact. In addition to that, it’s also fun and a great way to change up your fitness routine if you don’t already spend a good amount of time in the pool. Find a neighborhood pool or stay inside and swim in the gym’s pool. But if you’re going to swim outside, don’t forget your sunscreen!

Bust a Move

Want to know the secret to getting results without it feeling like such a struggle? Make it fun! Just like you choose a weight loss meal plan with foods you actually want to eat, your exercise routine should be just as fun too. Tons of people are using dance as a way to get their daily cardio in, and the best part is it doesn’t feel like work. Whether you sign up for a class, follow along with a video, or just put on your oldies-but-goldies playlist and dance your heart out, dancing is a fun way to burn some calories and break a sweat.

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