5 Ways to Design a Productive Office Space


It’s rightly said, “Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

Do you know? An average full-time employee works 1,800 hours per year, and unhappy staff are often less productive and motivated. Hence, it make sense to revamp your office and create a comfortable and creative workplace. An office space that’s designed to promote productivity can make the difference between success and failure. Here are some ideas from the top architects of dvyne design, a reputed Sydney architecture studio, for designing an office space that will increase your employees’ productivity and help your employees to enjoy being work at home.

Leave Room for New Projects

The best thing about having your own office is that you get to choose what goes on it. Keep only what you need, and leave room for any new projects that might come your way down the road. Be cautious of clutter as it can often lead to an unproductive environment.

Build in Breathing Room

Overcrowded office spaces can cause workers to become anxious, which often leads to burnout and other health issues. In order to design an office space that promotes productivity, make sure there’s enough room for each employee. The ideal number of employees per office is contingent on many factors, including industry, size of company and pay scale. However, keep in mind that overcrowding limits collaboration and workplace communication is vital for innovation and success.

Design Quiet Areas

You can’t concentrate with dozens of co-workers clacking away on their keyboards, so it’s important to design your office space to keep out noise and distraction. Start by making sure there are plenty of quiet spaces throughout the office. Ideally, an area for small groups and one for large groups, along with areas set aside for focus work.

Choose the Right Furniture

When designing your office space, go with modular furniture whenever possible. Modular furniture has major advantages over traditional furniture—it’s easier to configure and reconfigure according to current and future needs. Besides, it’s also much easier and less expensive to replace when technology makes a rapid shift, which will happen at some point during your business’ lifespan.

Add a Comfortable Break Room

Do you have a dedicated place for your employees to take breaks and have their meal? Is it comfortable? Does the room is painted with relaxing colours? If not, it’s probably worth creating a comfortable place for your workers to take breaks and have a meal together with their colleagues. Ensure the place is inviting, comfortable, and well-equipped.

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The author is a blogger and skilled architect who own a well-established and reputed architecture company in Sydney. He is committed to providing the best possible building design to his clients, regardless of the size of the project. Visit https://dvyne.com.au/ for more details about Dvyne design.

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