5 Ways to Enhance Google My Business Ranking In 2019

Today, 6 out of 10 people use Google Search to find a product and service. For example, people search for the “best restaurant near me” or the “best salon near me.”

Now, if people are searching for the services and products that you provide, then you may want to ensure that your business appears at the top of search results.This article will tell you five ways to improve the overall ranking of Google My Business.

So, let’s get started.

1. Ask for Reviews

No strategy works better than this. Do you know nine out of ten people read reviews before buying any product or service? Positive reviews not only makes your business listing stand out, but they also work as a backlink for Google My Business. Same as backlinks of a website, the more and better reviews you get, the higher position you will obtain on Google SERP. Convince your happy customers to give you a review on Google local business listing. Whenever you see a positive review try to respond to them by saying, “thanks, we look forward to serving you again.” This is the best and easy way to grow your online presence.

2. Keep Every Detail of Your Business Up to Date

Google My Business is not a one-time business tool. It requires timely maintenance, and audit. Always check for any new information that needs to be updated in your Google listing. Google My Business has limited space for every information, so use that space wisely and only provide useful and relevant information about your store or business.

3. Use Google My Business Messages to Increase The Engagement

Do you know a majority of people prefer to send a message rather than calling you? Google has introduced a messaging feature in Google My Business. You will have to activate this feature by tweaking some settings of your GMB(Google My Business). This feature enables a user to contact you through messages. Always use this feature to enhance your customer engagement as well as your ranking of your GMB. To activate this feature, click on “Turn On Messaging” in the dashboard of your GMB.

4. Post Some Valuable Content for Your Customers

Share the images and videos of your happy customers, post something interesting related to your business, and if possible, share photos of all of your products and services.

5. Analyze the Interactions of your Customers

By knowing how your customer is reaching you, you will be able to find out what things need to be improved and what things are working well. Also, check if you have anywhere used negative keywords in your GMB. A negative keyword can increase the bounce rate, which will result in decreasing your ranking. So it is good to analyze the data of your GMB.

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