5 Ways To Give Your Car Body The Best Care

Do you know that car bodies require special care to keep their finish pristine and shiny? If you don’t give them the attention they deserve, their appearance won’t remain as good as new. The paintwork will start fading, the grain of the wooden parts will get rougher, and even small scratches can appear.


Keeping your car body in tip-top shape isn’t hard; all you have to do is follow a few simple steps. Read on to discover some useful tips and tricks that Bodyshop repairs use to keep your car body clean, protected, and well-maintained.


  1. Always use quality car shampoo and conditioner


When cleaning your car’s body with car shampoo, it’s important to make sure that it’s a good quality product. Cheap car shampoos tend to dry out your car’s finish, making it look dull and dry.


On the other hand, high-quality car shampoos contain special ingredients that ensure your car’s paintwork remains glossy and rich-looking. You would be happy to know that bodywork repair slough uses the best quality shampoo to clean cars.


  1. Dry your car thoroughly after washing


A clean car is a happy car. When you wash your car, it’s important to dry it thoroughly. If you don’t dry it properly, there’s a risk of damaging the paint; water can seep into cracks in the paint and cause rust. When drying your car, don’t use a regular towel, as it can leave scratches on the paint.


Instead, use a chamois cloth to dry your car properly. Chamois cloths are highly absorbent, so they can wipe away the water without causing any scratches. You must follow this step when doing car scratch removal.


  1. Use durable car waxes and paint sealants to protect the paintwork


The waxes and sealants you use on your car’s exterior finish depend on the paint type. There are different waxes for fresh paint, metallic paint, and regular paint. If you’ve just bought a new car with fresh paint, you should avoid waxes that are sticky and have an overly glossy finish.


Such waxes can cause a build-up of dirt and grime on the paint, which makes it look dull. Once you’ve started using waxes on your car’s paint, make sure you don’t stop too soon. Waxing your car every two or three months is sufficient.


  1. Touch up small scratches as soon as you see them


Although it’s not easy to avoid small scratches on the car’s paintwork, you should make an effort to touch them up as soon as you notice them. Scratches that aren’t removed from the car’s paintwork will keep growing, leaving ugly marks on the car’s body.


Wet sandpaper is an effective tool for bumper damage repair. However, you have to prepare the surface of your car’s paint by cleaning it with a special scratch remover. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to wet sand the scratches on your car’s paintwork.


  1. Don’t forget the wheels and tires


Did you know that 80% of your car’s overall appearance is based on the wheels and tires? It’s true; the way your car’s wheels and tires look can affect its overall appearance significantly.


If you want to keep your car’s wheels and tires in excellent shape, clean them regularly and use the scuffed alloy wheel repair when needed.


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