5 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales Through Online Ordering System

A study report says that 59% of customers prefer takeaway/delivery over dine-in. 60% of restaurateurs have found to increase their sales because of takeaway and delivery services. With evolving times, dine-in is taking a backseat as takeaways/deliveries appear to be driving the restaurant business.

Having no or limited access to takeaway/delivery options for customers seems to be a lost opportunity for restaurants. While many third-party delivery agencies work with restaurants to reach a more extensive audience for delivery orders, they tend to eat the maximum profits because of commission. Most restaurants like to have their Mobile App or website online ordering system to establish a loyal group of customers and offer food.

Here is a list of ways to increase the sales numbers with online food ordering in the UK at your restaurant:

1. Choose the right service provider

Many takeaway/delivery service providers help you with getting more sales as they also eat up a significant part of your revenue. If you choose to have a third party for takeaway/delivery, make sure to partner with the right agency that is commission free or charges less for their services.

There are many other factors to consider such as credibility, reliability, experience and the support they offer. It is significant that you have total control of your branding throughout the process and gain access to customer data for marketing.

2. Launch your online ordering website

If you have your online food ordering system will help you get rid of paying commissions to third parties. It will offer flexibility and manage time slots, menu updates or delivery charges according to your needs.

A third-party delivery provider makes your restaurant dependent on them can be a drawback considering urgent support if required at your end. Since such vendors work with multiple restaurants, it requires time for your concern to get addressed. The whole process is eliminated with an online ordering system.

3. Offer a mobile ordering app

Revenue generated from Mobile App ordering is set to reach billions. Having a Mobile App that can manage takeaway/delivery orders will ease out a lot many things for your customers. They can place orders with a few clicks from their mobile phones. Instant notifications about their order status will ease many things.

Easy access to the menu, multiple payment options and food at your doorstep in minutes make it the best mobile ordering system and an easy go for customers. This service is similar to contactless ordering and makes it safe.

4. Connect with the masses through Social Media

Social media is the best medium to reach your potential customers with ease. The best thing is that it is easy to manage and reaps numerous rewards. Introduce your free online ordering system on Instagram and Facebook to let the message spread.

Instagram is continuously turning into a widely used platform for restaurants. With visually engaging feed posts – you will get more followers, which means more customers. Live stores on food being prepared in your kitchen or sharing your passion for the type of food you serve at your restaurant will help you connect and build relationships with customers and will indirectly influence your online sales.

5. Promote online ordering through signage and email marketing

Distribute signage at your restaurant letting your diners know that you offer online ordering to encourage them to order online. Place the digital signage where a passerby can notice. In such a way, if they might plan to place an order from your place for takeaway or delivery.

Email marketing is misjudged, but it is a great way to stay connected with your customers. By dropping newsletters on online ordering, you can get sales gradually. This strategy helps your customers to know the ongoing deals and stay connected, particularly the loyal ones. Customer data is used for the marketing purpose of your restaurant.

Offering takeaway and delivery services through an online ordering system can help you pull through troublesome times. It is a proactive step toward serving the ongoing need of customers in a way that helps you to stay ahead of the competition. The restaurant business is emerging, and online ordering is a reigning formula for getting sales and staying productive.

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