5 Ways to Make Your Phone Function Like PC

Suppose you forgot to bring back your laptop from the office, and now you have to prepare an urgent report and email it to your boss. What else can you do in this situation except for panic?

One thing you can do is use your smartphone to do the work. If your files are stocked in the cloud, you can just attach a keyboard and mouse to your phone and connect it with a big screen like your TV. Easy, right! Following is a guide to do the same.

Equipment Required to Modify Your Phone Into a PC

• A Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse or, a USB keyboard and mouse along with a USB-OTG cable

• A display with wireless HDMI, or you can use a support for HDMI, Ethernet, etc.

5 Ways to Make Your Phone Function Like PC

Using Samsung Devices With DeX Desktop Mode

For Samsung users, it is the easiest to turn their phones into a laptop. Samsung phones such as Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, and much more such, you get the DeX feature. You simply have to activate the function from the notification roll, and your desktop environment will be created. Now you just have to connect your smartphone with a wireless HDMI supporting display, attach your keyboard and mouse, and you are set. You can access all your phone apps in a desktop mode.

Using Linux Based Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu Touch is an operating program for smartphones based on Linux. It is governed by the UBports team and is supported on devices like LG Nexus 2, OnePlus One, Fairphone 2, and a few more such. One primary function of Ubuntu is its Convergence system. Just like DeX, it also creates a desktop environment for your phone when you connect it with a display system. When you connect your phone with a wireless HDMI to a display, it functions as a Ubuntu desktop. Your system comes all pre-loaded with different tools such as LibreOffice and is, therefore, very helpful.

Using Maru OS

About four years ago, Android established itself as the most popular consumer operating system in the world, overtaking Windows. Therefore, we can check how well it functions as a desktop OS. Maru OS works as an Android fork, which is currently supported only by a few devices such as Nexus 5, 5X, etc. You can also join the beta versions if you use Nexus 6P or Google Pixel. All you need to do is just install this full operating system in your Android supporting Maru OS.

Using Sentio

Sentio was previously known as Andromium OS, and it is very easy to establish a desktop environment for Android using Sentio. You can connect it to any display, but Superbook hardware works the best. A Superbook is kind of a combination of laptops that uses your phone as its CPU. An old version of Sentio is also there in case you want to use it on Android 5 Lollipop or Android 6 Marshmallow.

Using Leena Desktop UI

Leena Desktop UI is like a desktop launcher for your Android. Just like Mac OS has the dock, Leena also has an inbuilt browser, file manager, video player, and all such things. You can connect it with docking stations, or casting, and use all the apps in your phone in windows. It is kind of a lower version of Sentio, but it also comes in a premium app.

These were the five best ways to use your phone as a PC. If you have a suitable phone, you can employ these methods to make your Android into a laptop.

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