5 Web Design Mistakes to Prevent in 2021


Web design is quite challenging. With good creativity and strategy, one can create a compelling website that attracts visitors and promote user retention. Even some of the smallest mistakes in web design can strongly impact your Albuquerque SEO performance. To improve ranking and your website’s overall performance, avoid these 5 mistakes while designing your website:

Mistake 1: Adding More Videos Than Text

Making your website interactive is great and all, but the content being presented must be shareable and easy to consume. If your website is filled with videos rather than text, it wouldn’t bring enough results in terms of both SEO and sales. Written content is important to reach the right audience on Google or Bing. Your videos can be used to promote your business on YouTube, the second largest search engine platform on the internet.

Mistake 2: Lack of Header Tags:

Several web designers overlook the importance of using header tags. Use enough header tags in an organized fashion to improve the user experience. When used appropriately, header tags will make your site easily navigable and visitors can get the content they are looking for with ease. This signals to Google that your website is worth ranking higher on SERPs.

Mistake 3: Non-Responsive Mobile Site:

The explosive growth of smartphones indicates how important it is to optimize your website for mobile devices. Everyone uses mobile devices these days to access the internet, hence make sure to optimize the web design for the mobile version of your website and fix issues, if any. A non-responsive mobile site can easily drive away visitors and impact your Albuquerque SEO performance.

Mistake 4: No Call-to Action Included

This is a simple mistake that a lot of web developers tend to make. Every website has a purpose, and the same is fulfilled with a relevant call-to action. When designing an online store, for example, add detailed product descriptions, lots of product images that are easily viewable, as well as the BUY NOW button. It must be clearly visible, and proper visual feedback should be provided to let the users know that their action is successful.

Mistake 5: Adding Too Many Design Elements Impacting Page Speed

Research reveals that most internet users wouldn’t prefer staying longer than 5 seconds in a website that is loading content. This results in high bounce rates, thereby negatively impacting your business. Some web developers and designers add too many animations, videos, and pictures that are too heavy to handle. When creating a web design in Albuquerque, simplicity is key. You can use tools such as Google Speed Insights to check the site speed after designing your website.

To craft the perfect website design, talk to an experienced web design company in Albuquerque for assistance. Their knowledge and experience can result in a website that delivers results you want.

The author is working in a leading web design company in Albuquerque for more than 4 years. He has created successful web designs for various websites over the years. For more details, visit https://www.1stinseo.com/

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