The oil and gas industry is always considered synonymous with big business. It does not matter if the prices are on the rise or falling, the industry constitutes a big part of the economy. Besides this, the industry is also responsible for many technological innovations and process developments that later become influential intellectual property. In the 16th century, European explorers first observed the oil deposits in North America, and settlers used the oil in different forms throughout the next centuries.

For example, it lubricated the wagon wheels of settlers heading west. Kerosene, a derivative of oil became the most commonly used product of the 19th century. A Discovery near Titusville contributed to the introduction of the first oil company in America in 1859. This has made the town and the colonies around it to experience a boom. It received the attention of wealthy and influential persons to start oil companies.

Soon after the days of big oil companies, drilling concerns have searched for more effective and better ways to reap North America’s oil deposits. Getting access to the oil was simple; a direct drilling process could find rich deposits less than 100 feet under the earth. But, many of these deposits were immediately used up. Unconventional oil and gas strategies followed by the companies were needed to develop new ways to find less accessible deposits. They also looked for ways to procure the ‘liquid gold’ that was pinned down the earth and the oceans.

Patenting Innovation in Oil and Gas

The oil and gas technologies and other technological development have gone harmoniously. Earlier, drilling technology was an important part of finding and producing oil. Companies that brought new and improved ways of finding oil and getting it out of the earth were seemed to succeed in an intensely competitive marketplace. And, getting a creative whip hand became highly important.

This concept remains true. Big companies in the Oil & Gas Product Design industry spend a heft amount on research and development, in every year. Major players in the industry have their whole department devoted to writing and filing patent applications to guarantee the unique use of their proprietary technology. The landscape seems to be intensely competitive today because it has become more difficult to achieve meaningful patent protection.

Working with an experienced intellectual oil and gas patent attorney is an authentic way to decide on whether to achieve a patent for your Prototype Development. You may have developed new techniques or creative drill bit to make it easy for reaching oil deposits that were inaccessible before. Your idea may be new and exciting and no one has seen before. Contact a reliable and reputed oil and gas patent attorney to know more about the patent prosecution law.

Perhaps, your innovation is key to a successful future in the oil and gas industry. Look for a reliable and experienced attorney if you want to work with inventors in the industry. You will be in good hands if you work with the most reliable and authentic oil and gas patent lawyer.

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