Day by day, we see a lot of people commuting from their places to the offices with utmost frustration and tiredness. Irrespective of the distance the employees come from, they don’t feel comfortable or patient in waiting for public transportation. Instead, they feel tired even during the early hours. This in turn causes their productivity to decrease.

What would be better than to provide a solution to this? That’s why it is the right time for you to start your business from Employee Transport Management System or Corporate Transportation Software.

The issues that were faced by the employees while using public transport are as follows:

Missed workdays:

Long commutes can affect employees’ health leading to taking holidays because of illness. This may make the companies’ delivery of projects delayed.

Prone to errors:

Due to poor time management, employees may seem frustrated and may make regular mistakes in the work they do.

Loss of revenue:

By being unable to concentrate on their work due to the long commute and tiredness, employees may delay their work making it more difficult for the company to earn revenue.

Basic features of Employee Transport Management System:

Location Tracking:

With real-time GPS tracking. Navigating the vehicles is also possible from anywhere at any time.

Notifications alert:

The corporate and employee transport system service providers would get to know by notifications if there is an unscheduled halt or a wrong route taken. It would also let me know if there is any unsafe driving.

Fuel Monitoring:

If there is any reduction in the level of fuel or irregular usage of fuel, you will get an alert.


Improves productivity: The system increases the performance of the employees since they won’t have to wait for public transportation, the employees would be lacking tiredness.

Safety for employees: The usage of this system increases safety since it contains both GPS and route navigation. This is of utmost use for women employees.


Got the idea about starting this business? The Employee Transport Management Solution lets you readily launch your app with just a few more special features’ additions. So don’t beat around the bush and make it work now!!

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