Warehouse Automation Software| WMS Software & WCS Software

WMS software is a specifically designed business application/ warehouse software that controls the flow of inventory into, within and out of a company’s distribution center (DC). The span of control is from the management of the flow of inventory, labor tasks and orders from receipt to shipping. It has come a long way from just providing information on a storage location. It is now build-up with an arsenal of functionality capable of catering to various applications.

There is a different type of WMS available in the market. Some of them are standalone and can be deployed on native hardware. While there are cloud-based WMS also, which provides better flexibility and security to the businesses.

Warehouse Control System

WCS software is a real-time, integrated control solution that manages the flow of items, cartons and pallets as it travels on many types of automated equipment, such as conveyors, sorters, ASRS, pick to light, carrousels, print and apply, merges and de-casing lines. The WCS provides a single point of control to efficiently direct and manage these automated solutions. Once inside the warehouse, the WCS checks on the velocity of the movement of goods and their location at any point of time.

Warehouse Execution system

WES can be termed as a hybrid of WCS and WMS, in terms of functionality. Commonly WES comprises nearly all functions of WCS and some functions of WMS. The idea with WES is to optimize based on what is happening with order priorities as well as synchronize all the different materials handling systems.

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