6 Amazing Marketing Ideas for Wedding Business in 2021

If you have a Wedding planning business, you need to put in additional efforts to make a cut. The reason? It is a humongously competitive industry. As weddings are seasonal events, you need to generate leads constantly. You need to come up with various strategies to attract them or inform them about your business.

One thing you can do is develop a wedding planner app. It not only streamlines the work and helps automate most of it, but it’s an effective marketing tool as well. However, to leverage the best out of it, you need well-planned and tested marketing strategies.

Well, we have sorted it for you. You can pick the strategies from the list and see how it turns out for your business.

  • Decide USP

This is #1 on the marketing list because you won’t survive if you’re just a planner. To market your services, you need to make sure that they are different, aka, unique.

So, research different unique selling propositions for the wedding business and decide yours. Your USP can be a niche-specific wedding theme – adventure style wedding, particular demographic, destination weddings in exotic locations, or more. It can also be a service like planning dress themes for functions, allowing in-app online shopping, etc.


  • Leverage Social Media

Do you know that there are 4.2 billion social media users at present? And that the content on social media impacts the buying decision of around 79% customers.

Consider these statistics and create your work portfolio on social media. Share the pictures of the weddings you planned on Facebook and Instagram. Share behind-the-scenes of your work and engage with customers on social media accounts.

Social media marketing is not new, but it changed the way it’s leading the business towards success. Instagram reels, Snapchat filters, Facebook groups are making it easy to reach a wider audience base. You can go live on Facebook and Instagram, showing your audience behind-the-scenes of the events or some decoration hacks.

While creating videos, don’t forget Youtube. Create a channel and keep sharing the videos over there.  People spend maximum time on social media. So you need to utilize that platform to get traction.

  • Utilize Content Marketing

The hard part of running a wedding planner business is that your client doesn’t know what you would bring to the table. Images alone won’t be sufficient. So, tell them about your services through content.

Write informative blogs providing solutions about a specific problem, tips, and tricks, etc. You can write blogs on how to choose a wedding planner business or the questions to hire someone who does what you do. You can also tell a client’s story in the blog post or interview a client. However, make sure to include images and videos wherever possible.

Guest Posts would also be an excellent way to promote your services. Don’t forget to share your content on social media.

  • Exhibit your Work at Events and Shows

Wedding shows, bridal fairs, events, trade shows, and other local gatherings could be lucrative options to share your work. If there’s a community event, you can plan it, showing everyone a live demo of your work.

You can share your business cards, add your business name on the banners and posters, etc. This offline marketing and socializing would turn into word-out-of-mouth marketing. When customers experience the services you provide, they are likely to refer it to others. Even they may call you to arrange another event, or so.

  • Run Promotions

You might think about what kind of promotion a wedding planner business can run to generate leads. If you think it is not much, then you’re mistaken. You can run countless types of promotions such as holiday promotions, pre-booking promotions, limited time offers, seasonal promotions, extra discounts if booked between these dates, and more. Overall, the options are endless.

  • Partner with Other Vendors

If you want to succeed, you need to reach the prospect when they are shopping for a wedding. It would be possible only when you have a vendor partnership. While shopping for clothes, the store owner can hand out your card for planning services as a trusted source. This is one of the tried and tested advertising methods.

So, partner with flower shops, wedding venues, resorts, stationery stores, and bridal wear outlets; provide them incentives for their services. Most of them would do it for free, and would expect a word-of-mouth marketing from you too. But incentives would give you an upper hand. Commissions and discounts are more likely to sway vendors on your side.

 Bottom Line

To run a wedding planner business, you need more than a wedding planning app/website. You need to provide unique services/features such as a niche-specific event, guest list preparation feature, in-app shopping, digital invitations, etc.

Next, you need to market your business on the platforms where customers are. For instance, social media, trade shows and events. Simultaneously, you need to stay updated about the latest trends in the market. The colors, theme, kind of events, and so on.

Also, don’t forget to try the tips mentioned above.

6 Amazing Marketing Ideas for Wedding Business in 2021

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