6 Amazing Tools for Developing Social Media Videos



Videos are becoming a crucial marketing tool, especially for companies that market their products on social media. Hence, the significance of video editing tools for publishing social media clips is also increasing. Discussed below are 6 amazing tools for developing social media videos –

#1 Animoto

Animoto is a cloud-based video editing program. It is best for creating professionally-styled videos in a small amount of time. Perfect for creating “marketing videos”, Animoto offers a wide range of pre-set templates that can be used to create a video from the scratch totally on your own. Animoto allows users to add images, videos and sound effects in various file formats. In addition, users have access to a variety of editing opportunities and a diverse music library of more than 2,000 free to use licensed songs.

#2 Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is an Instagram extension. A separate app for creating time lapse videos, with this app you can fit in long footages as it allows users to speed up the content up to 12 times of the video’s natural speed. Users can also record in real time, with the app smoothly editing out shaky footage automatically. Only drawback of Hyperlapse is that it’s only available on iOS platforms currently.

#3 Magisto

Magisto is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It also comes as a web-based tool for the computers. It takes little effort to create engaging videos with Magisto. Simply choose the videos along with a pre-set “editing pattern” and freely accessible soundtrack from the extensive gallery. The editing and development of your raw footage is automatically conducted by the app. Magisto’s videos are used by a lot of companies for posting on social media websites. They are particularly useful for content marketing as they come with analytics options allowing users to easily track the number of viewers, and other parameters.

#4 Renderforest

It is perhaps the best for creating animated videos, more so because of its convenience of use. Users can publish their edited videos directly to social media channels. It is ideal for those who are looking to create explanatory videos, and the like.

#5 Typito

Typito offers an easy way of adding text to video clips, making them marketable. Using Typito to create these types of videos is important because a lot of users see videos on their timelines and they don’t bother to turn the sound on. This particular social media video tool offers you this option. Typito allows users to edit videos, add subtitles and post the clips directly to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

#6 Moovly

Moovly has a lot of features, so naturally it takes a bit of time for a user to fully learn how to use it. But its wide functional range makes it all worth it. This includes countless graphic options, great animations and easy ways to add personalized voice recordings. Moovly is perfect for creating interesting and short clips for social media channels.

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