6 Annoying Things Guests Do That Hotel Staff Can’t Stand

It takes a lot of patience and professionalism to work in the customer service industry. It’s no easy venture to provide the clients with anything they need as long as it’s in check with the hotel’s rules. Nevertheless, a hotel is only as great as their next review, which means that the staff needs to be “perfect” with every customer.

Sometimes it’s not enough that the front desk smiles and is nice to the customers because it’s inevitable that there are things that hotel guests do that send the hotel’s staff over the edge. Hotel staff only ask for common courtesy and respect from customers.

With that being said, here are some of the annoying things guests do that hotel staff cannot stand.

1. When guests accuse the staff of stealing 

There are hotel guests who would put the blame on the staff when they lose or misplace an item and assume that there’s a theft incident that happened. Of course, we’re saying that this doesn’t happen, but immediately accusing housekeeping of theft seems to be a default move— and one that displays no dignity for the job.

Of course, when the missing item shows up, the housekeeping hates it, even the management, who has to handle this bad news daily.

2. Allowing the kids to run around in the hotel 

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Yes, kids are adorable but not when you see them running chaotically through a hotel restaurant as the staff is trying to serve breakfast to a crowded house. The truth is, it’s not the happy kids that annoy hotel staff but the parents who actually allow them to let loose.

Hotel managers receive countless reports about how some parents turn a blind eye to the destruction of their children, since it’s a vacation, of course.

3. People who throw unruly parties in their room 

Some guests don’t care about having a raucous party in their room, and this is probably one of the things that hotel staff don’t want to deal with. No one really cares if you have a couple of friends stopping by your room for drinks, but if you would draw the line after that, your guest neighbour would surely call the front desk about it.

If you have a lot of people hanging out in a single room, playing extremely loud music, bringing up cases of beer up the hotel elevator, you can expect that most hotel guests who are stuck in a room next to you would get pretty upset. Remember that it’s a hotel room, not a dorm room.

4. First-travellers with enchanted expectation 

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Sometimes, people who travel for the first time have such fairy tale expectations. I’m sure some of you can relate! According to most hotel staff, it’s annoying when guests who have never been on a real vacation have high expectations of every aspect of the hotel experience and service.

These kinds of travellers are usually bossy and demanding. They like to do things like calling you “the help” as if room service must come on silver platters, and commonly have a Hollywood idea of what a destination hotel accommodation must be like. In the real world, real hotels don’t always meet those expectations.

5. Not getting dressed when room service is delivered

Room service is one of the best perks of hotels in line with ordering room service. It’s as if you’re going back to the good old times when your mom or dad used to bring you your yummy breakfast. It’s one of those simple pleasures in life.

But when you stay in a hotel and you’re ordering room, try to be as respectful to the staff whose job is to deliver the food into the room. The staff don’t want to see you in post-shower towels, you being naked, or two people hiding under the covers. Private moments are private, so leave the staff out of it.

6. Telling the staff you had a good time and stay but you wrote a negative review 

Some of us don’t like confronting people face to face when there is conflict, so we’d choose to write our experience online instead. Ultimately, this can kill a hotel’s name. Usually, hotel staff will ask you if there was anything they could have done to make your experience a little better. This is the time you should be honest with them with your feedback.

Don’t pretend that everything was alright even if it’s the opposite. Don’t surprise them with a negative review or experience. Just be honest with the hotel so they can become better and improve the issues they must be aware of.

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero writes for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a Parramatta accommodation and experience the historical part of Sydney, located just 24km from the CBD. She also writes and researches custom content about home improvements, travel, finance, law, fashion, health, and beauty.

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