6 Benefits Of Drinking Celery Juice You Probably Didn’t Know About


Since the inception of cold pressed and cold extracted juices, healthy juicing has become a trend; one that is especially welcomed by health conscious folks. In the last few years or so, one ingredient has particularly caught the fancy of celebrities, in both Hollywood and Bollywood with top actors vouching for celery Juice as one of the best things to help maintain body health. As such, the humble celery has catapulted to the position of a superfood. While most people claim that celery juice is best consumed on an empty stomach in the morning, most others believe that this nutrient dense juice helps in combating various ailments. Let’s look at some of the health benefits of celery juice.

Celery juice aids with thyroid cleansing: More and more people, especially women, are developing thyroid ailments, mostly attributed to stress and obesity. Such people should include celery juice in their diets to bring their thyroid levels under control in a natural and effective manner. Celery stalks contain mineral salts that help to cleanse the body of Epstein-Barr virus, especially in the thyroid. For people suffering from hypothyroidism, celery juice helps boost the production of thyroid hormone T3.

Celery juice promotes heart health: Another advantage of drinking celery juice is that it promotes your cardiovascular health. There are several studies that prove that the consumption of celery extract can help in preventing strokes. It also helps regulate blood pressure while reducing the plaque accumulated in arteries, thus keeping your heart, strong and healthy.

Celery juice detoxifies your liver: The stalk of celery is also known to be a great ingredient that can help detoxify your liver. The vegetable has detoxifying properties that play a vital role in removing the bad bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and other such toxins from your liver. Nutritionists also claim that celery stalks are loaded with phytonutrients that play an important role in preventing your liver from developing various ailments.

Celery juice supports your nervous system: While speaking of celery juice benefits, we must also speak about the support it offers to your nervous system. This powerhouse vegetable is said to have an incredibly calming effect on the central nervous system, which is also attributed to its detoxifying properties. Celery stalks act as blood purifiers, providing your nervous system the support it needs.

Celery juice helps improve gut health: Nutritionists also believe that the juice of celery strengthens the hydrochloric acid in your gut, which in turn plays an important role in aiding the digestion process. Maintaining the balance of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is a complex process, but a glass of celery juice per day can help maintain this balance and even strengthen your digestive system. Benefits of celery juice also include the fact that it lowers bacteria levels in your gut and strengthens the intestinal linings, thus offering relief from bloating and constipation.

Celery juice helps reduce the risk of cancers: Celery contains properties like flavonoid luteolin and apigenin molecule. Luteolin has been regarded as a cancer prevention property as per a study published in a medical news journal, Medical News Today. The study was conducted to understand the effect of these properties, found in celery, on cancer cells. The ongoing study claims that drinking celery juice can help reduce risks related to stomach, liver and lung cancers. As such, the advantages of celery juice cannot be ignored, particularly since cancer has now become an increasingly common disease.

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