6 Best Android Apps for Outdoor Adventures

You must correctly plan your routine before heading out for any trip. It includes preparing your phone as well, along with your travel backpack. From offline entertainment for flight to travel apps on your phone, you must organize everything in advance. Though, if you are leaving for an outdoor trip where no connectivity will be there, you need to plan things differently. You can still make your phone an ideal companion by installing the right apps in your device.


Check out these apps for your next outdoor trip:


  1. Offline Survival Manual


As its name already suggest, this particular is made to help you with survive in most extreme outdoor adventures. It consists of everything, from articles to handbooks on various topics, to read without even having an internet connection. You can do a lot of difficult things with ease by using the guide provided in this app. Like, you can learn to generate fire without using any tool, get to know about plants that you should not eat, and more. This offline app is destined to help you in numerous outdoor situations. The visual representation in the Offline Survival Manual will make things easier for you.

  1. Locus Map


Locus Map features an outstanding collection of offline maps and is specially made for outdoor activities. It is best for you if you are involved in cycling or hiking. You can easily plan routes and check the statistics later on. This app will show altitude, pace, distance traveled, and various other essential information. Even, it offers voice and sound navigation in selected regions. For detailed offline maps, you can use the AlpineQuest app. Both of these apps are readily available on the Google Play store.

  1. Digital Compass


If you don’t have a default compass app on your phone, you need to install the Digital compass. It comes paired with earlier mentioned Locus Maps for the best experience. You can quickly move to the right direction without an active internet connection with this compass app. You will get to the degree, level as well as your phone’s sensors status through Digital Compass. It can be downloaded for free but has the premium version as well.

  1. ViewRanger


ViewRanger shows ideal routes that are curated by experts as well as its users for best biking and hiking experience. Once you have finalized the way that you wish to follow, you can download it on your phone. Its nifty augmented reality mode allows you to explore sights such as the peak of the mountain. You can use this app on your smartwatches too. This app is available for different countries including Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. Download this app from the Google Play store.

  1. First Aid

The First Aid app is one of the best apps for critical situations. American Red Cross is offering this handy app to the users. You can take help from this app if you or someone you know face health issues on the trip. For checking medical centers around, it also includes the hospital tab. The pages of this app can be viewed without an active internet connection. This free app can be downloaded easily through Google Play Store.

  1. OpenSignal


OpenSignal is widely used for testing the speed of either your mobile network or Wi-Fi. Though, some of its features make it ideal for outdoor use as well. It offers you the nearest spot where you access the network by pinpointing. You can find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots too. This free app will help you in situations when you can’t find a network on your phone. Make your outdoor trip safe and comfortable by downloading and using these essential apps in your Smartphone!

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